Win $1500 With The #1DFxJBLQuantum Changemakers Challenge

Win $1500 With The #1DFxJBLQuantum Changemakers Challenge

In an effort to break barriers and champion women in gaming, the #1DFxJBLQuantum Changemakers Challenge, powered by 1000 Dreams Fund and JBL, invites passionate female gamers to share their aspirations for a chance to win a substantial prize package.

How To Enter

Step 1: Capture the Essence of Gaming
Participants are encouraged to showcase their gaming prowess by submitting a photo via the campaign landing page HERE and depicting them in their gaming element. Whether engaged in an intense battle or strategically planning their next move, entrants are invited to let their inner gamer shine.

JBL Quantum Grant 2023 Challenge - 1000 Dreams Fund
Opening doors for young women in the U.S.

Step 2: Define the Dream Gaming Career
Aspirants are prompted to articulate their dream career in gaming. Whether harboring ambitions of becoming a professional esports player, a game developer, a content creator, or any other role within the gaming industry, participants are urged to share their aspirations.

Step 3: Spread the Message
Once the initial steps are completed, participants are encouraged to share their entries with friends, family, and fellow gamers. The challenge aims to foster a supportive community that uplifts and empowers women in gaming.

Acknowledging the persistent underrepresentation of women in gaming and esports, the #1DFxJBLQuantum Changemakers Challenge seeks to identify and support women passionate about gaming. The challenge not only offers financial assistance but also provides access to valuable hands-on experiences.

Participants can win a prize package, including a $1,500 grant to fuel their gaming dreams and a cutting-edge JBL Quantum gaming headset. Beyond mere competition, this challenge represents a pathway for women to take their first steps toward realizing their aspirations in the gaming industry.

The #1DFxJBLQuantum Changemakers Challenge is open until Friday, December 15, 2023. The selection of 25 winners will be announced during the week of December 18, 2023. For any inquiries or assistance, participants can contact the team at

About The 1,000 Dreams Fund
The 1,000 Dreams Fund is dedicated to supporting talented women across various industries, specifically focusing on gaming in this challenge. Open to cisgender women, trans women, trans feminine individuals, and those facing disparities and discrimination, the challenge aims to create opportunities and foster inclusivity.

About JBL
JBL has always believed that sound should be an open stage. A place of free expression where voices are heard. Without restrictions. Without limitations. That’s why we surface and celebrate the unfiltered self-expression of courageous artists, creators, and performers. JBL is here to help you express your true self, so you can experience the joy and excitement of being you.