A Gaming Podcast Episode 24

TUNE IN the latest episode of "A Gaming Podcast" as we dive into the highly anticipated reveal of the future of Xbox! From new console features to upcoming game releases, we discuss all the exciting developments that are set to shape the gaming landscape. Additionally, we are excited about Foamstars and HellDivers 2, two games generating a lot of buzz in the gaming community. Tune in as we share our thoughts, predictions, and speculations on what lies ahead for Xbox and the gaming industry. Whether you're a hardcore gamer or just curious about the latest gaming trends, this episode is packed with insights and discussions you won't want to miss!

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0:00: Intro
02:36: The Future of Xbox
2:02:17: Yellow Paint in Games
2:08:30: Foamstars
2:12:31: Helldivers 2

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