Warframe's 'Abyss of Dagath' Update Emerges from the Spectral Realm

TLDR: This free update is now available on all platforms and offers various rewards that can be instantly unlocked or earned in-game, including the new Warframe, Grendel Prime, and more.

Digital Extremes has launched its latest free Warframe update, 'Abyss of Dagath', providing a delightful experience for its 70+ million registered players. Players can now instantly unlock or earn the spookiest Warframe to date, Dagath, who was revealed at TennoCon in August. Alongside Dagath, this update brings significant reworks for certain characters and companions, a plethora of new seasonal cosmetics, and the introduction of Grendel Prime Access.

Indulge in the eerie atmosphere of 'Abyss of Dagath' and the Grendel Prime launch trailers!

Megan Everett, Community Director, expressed, "Our Abyss of Dagath Update has really come together to be a true spooky month release! Grendel Prime is the perfect fit too with his enemy-guzzling charm. We’re excited to see the fresh Community Fashionframe meatballs out in the wild. It’s been fun to really execute the “headless horseman” theme with Dagath’s abilities speaking to her story and, most importantly, be fun and easy to grasp for all players."

Highlights of the Update:

  • Based on the legendary headless horse rider, Dagath now enters the Origin System, embodying the spectral realm with attacks involving spinning sickles and ghostly equestrian stampedes. According to Grandmother's tales within the Heart of Deimos, Dagath emerges from her tomb every Night of Naberus, a seasonal galactic Halloween celebration filled with various gifts.
  • Dagath also introduces a new sword/whip weapon, the Dorrclave, and a new haunted Dojo room for clans known as Dagath's Hollow, found in the marketplace's Dagath Collection.
  • Embark on the new Abyssal Zone mission to acquire the new Resource, Vainthorn, which is needed to complete Dagath's blueprint and bring her back to life.
  • Grendel Prime Access is now available for a limited time, offering the chance to feast on your enemies' treasures and Prime tech weapons, including the golden Zylok Prime pistol and segmented spiked club Masseter Prime. Grendel can consume entire foes into his newly designed, acidic black hole stomach, converting their remains into toxic projectiles or using them to restore his health.
  • The update also includes a rework for Hydroid, promoting ability synergy and mobility with the new corrosive "Plunder" ability.
  • Say goodbye to perma-death, as the companion system has been reworked with improved healing mechanics, mod updates, stat adjustments, and more.
  • A variety of new cosmetics is now available, including a vampiric Naberus skin for Lotus, Bat-themed Chiroptera Collection skins for Warframes and Sentinels, as well as new armor and weapon skin bundles such as the Day of the Dead V: Complete Collection and Void Adornment V, along with four terrifying Glyphs and more.

For comprehensive information and detailed patch notes regarding the 'Abyss of Dagath' update, please visit warframe.com/updates.

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