Alan Wake is Available Now in Dead by Daylight

Alan Wake is Available Now in Dead by Daylight

In a spine-chilling collaboration between Behaviour Interactive and Remedy Entertainment, the iconic character Alan Wake from the acclaimed Alan Wake franchise steps into the fog as Dead by Daylight's newest Survivor. Players can now immerse themselves in the haunting narrative of this troubled writer, adding an exciting dimension to the ever-expanding roster of horror characters.

Alan Wake's Enigmatic Journey:
Alan Wake's journey has transcended the confines of his titular game series, spanning multiple titles and culminating in Alan Wake 2's release in October 2023. Initially introduced as a best-selling author grappling with writer's block, Wake's attempt to find inspiration in Bright Falls unleashes a nightmarish sequence of events, leading to his entanglement in the mysterious Dark Place.

Now, players can join Alan Wake in his struggle to escape The Entity's Realm and navigate the dangerous world of Dead by Daylight, trading one Dark Place for another.

The Fog Welcomes Alan:
Behaviour Interactive expresses excitement about Alan Wake joining Dead by Daylight, emphasizing the natural fit between the two universes. The collaboration celebrates mutual inspirations and pays homage to horror icons, promising a new nightmare for players to explore.

Mathieu Coté, Head of Partnerships at Behaviour Interactive, shares the thrill of bringing Alan Wake into The Fog, acknowledging that Alan's story is met with anticipation among players, even though it seems Alan can't catch a break.

Perks Reflecting the Writer's Craft:
Alan Wake's arrival in Dead by Daylight introduces three Perks reflecting his survival expertise. The first, "Champion of Light," enhances movement speed using a flashlight, and successfully blinding a Killer inflicts the Hindered Status Effect. "Boon: Illumination" allows creating a Boon Totem, revealing the Auras of Generators and Chests to nearby Survivors. "Deadline," the third Perk, increases Skill Check frequency during healing or generator repair when injured.

Tome 18: REVISION - Unveiling Shrouded Memories:
Scheduled for release on January 31, Tome 18: REVISION promises to deepen the plot with new memories for Alan Wake, The Deathslinger, and the House of Arkham. Players progressing through the Rift will unlock Charms, Outfits, and more, including customization options for Alan Wake's Player Card and the "Alan's Darker Side" Outfit on the Premium Pass.

New Collections and Outfits:
Iconic outfits from Alan Wake's universe make their way into Dead by Daylight. The "Alan Wake Classic" and "Bright Falls" outfits showcase distinct looks from crucial moments in Alan's journey. Additionally, two legendary outfits, "Saga Anderson" and "Rose Marigold," introduce fan-favorite characters from Alan Wake's world.

Lights Out Event - A Limited-Time Nightmare:
Dead by Daylight introduces a unique Lights Out Modifier, offering a limited-time event that transforms Trials with darkness, eliminating the Terror Radius, Scratch Marks, and Loadouts. This spine-tingling experience, available from February 7 to February 14, challenges players to navigate the fog under terrifying conditions.

As players eagerly step into the darkness, the Dead by Daylight Alan Wake Chapter is available for purchase on all supported platforms, inviting them to survive the Entity's deadly Trials alongside the enigmatic writer.