Alan Wake is Coming to Dead By Daylight on January 30th

In a chilling collaboration between Behaviour Interactive and Remedy Entertainment, the troubled writer Alan Wake steps into The Fog as Dead by Daylight's newest Survivor. Set for release on January 30th, this partnership brings the critically acclaimed Alan Wake franchise into the relentless horror universe of Dead by Daylight. The reality of this crossover is as tangible as the darkness that envelops Alan Wake in his narrative.

A Journey through Darkness:

In the realm of Alan Wake, players will embody the talented writer who, after a vacation to Bright Falls, finds himself trapped within the supernatural darkness of his creation. The plot of his latest novel, unfolding as a horrifying reality, led him straight into the clutches of The Entity, exchanging one Dark Place for another. As Alan Wake battles to escape, players will experience his struggle firsthand in Dead by Daylight.

The Voice and Likeness of Alan Wake:

To truly capture the essence of Alan Wake, Dead by Daylight enlists the talents of actor Ilkka Villi, who portrays Alan in live-action scenes, and Matthew Porretta, the iconic voice of the character throughout the franchise. As players face new deadly challenges in The Fog, they will be treated to brand-new, original voice lines, ensuring an authentic and immersive experience.

An Evolving Horror Roster:

Dead by Daylight has become a haven for horror enthusiasts, incorporating legendary characters from films and video games into its diverse roster of Survivors. The inclusion of Alan Wake adds a significant name from one of horror gaming's top franchises, expanding the game's universe. Timed perfectly with the release of Alan Wake 2, this collaboration promises a new dark chapter for the beloved character.

Mathieu Coté, Head of Partnerships at Behaviour Interactive, expresses the team's excitement: "This is a character we always thought would be right at home in the Dead by Daylight universe."

Sam Lake, Creative Director of Remedy Entertainment, adds, "From our early excited conversations about our collaboration with Behaviour Interactive, it was clear that the lore of both games was surprisingly compatible, drawing from many similar inspirations, a true match in… hell."

Kill the Lights Modifier:

Accompanying the Alan Wake Chapter is an exceptional limited-time Modifier named Lights Out. This chilling addition alters the Dead by Daylight experience, creating a terrifying atmosphere by stripping players of crucial tools. Lights Out promises to intensify the horror and challenge players in unexpected ways.

The Alan Wake Chapter, along with the Lights Out Modifier are set to haunt all supported platforms on January 30th. Prepare to face the darkness, embrace the nightmares, and delve into the twisted crossover that brings Alan Wake into the horrifying embrace of Dead by Daylight.