All Things Wicked: Dead by Daylight's Newest Chapter

All Things Wicked: Dead by Daylight's Newest Chapter

Dead by Daylight fans, brace yourselves for a new chapter that delves into the depths of darkness like never before. All Things Wicked has arrived, introducing a chilling new Killer, The Unknown, a Survivor shrouded in mystery, Sable Ward, and a haunting new Map, Greenville Square, into The Fog.

In the sleepy town of Greenville, where nothing ever seems to happen, a sinister force lurks beneath the surface, leaving a trail of unanswered questions and vanished souls. We are drawn into a web of fear and uncertainty as we unravel the mysteries surrounding The Unknown and Sable Ward.

Greenville Square was once considered an ordinary small town, but it hides secrets that defy explanation. Recent events, including mysterious disappearances, have shadowed this once-peaceful community. What dark forces play in Greenville, and how are they connected to The Unknown?

The Unknown, a creature of unspeakable horror, has been the subject of local legends and urban myths for years. With the ability to create hallucinations and manipulate reality, it leaves a trail of confusion and fear in its wake. Its motives and origins remain shrouded in mystery, adding to the terror of encountering this enigmatic entity.

Sable Ward, a brave and determined investigator, has ventured into the heart of darkness in search of answers. Her disappearance only adds to The Unknown's mystique, as her fate remains unknown. With a keen intellect and a fearless spirit, Sable's story is a testament to the courage of those who dare to challenge the Unknown.

As the mysteries of Greenville and The Unknown unfold, players are invited to explore All Things Wicked's dark and twisted world. With new gameplay mechanics, including The Unknown's ability to launch toxic projectiles and create terrifying hallucinations, this chapter offers a fresh and thrilling experience for Dead by Daylight fans.

The Sable Essentials and Inner Monster Collections are now available, allowing players to dive deeper into the lore of All Things Wicked. With new challenges, rewards, and surprises waiting to be discovered, this chapter will surely leave players on the edge of their seats.

Join us as we uncover the secrets of All Things Wicked and venture into the darkness within. Dead by Daylight's newest chapter awaits, beckoning you to confront your fears and discover the truth that lies beyond.