Blizzard's New President, Johanna Faries

In a recent communication to all Blizzard employees, the new President of Blizzard Entertainment, Johanna Faries, shared her excitement and honour at joining the renowned gaming company. Scheduled to assume her role officially on February 5, Faries expressed enthusiasm for the future and acknowledged the challenges faced by the team in recent days.

Johanna Faries

The message began by recognizing the mixed emotions within the Blizzard community, particularly in light of recent departures. Faries expressed humility and awe for the legacy that Blizzard has built over three decades, emphasizing the honour she feels in contributing to the company's next chapter.

Acknowledging the distinctive nature of Activision, Blizzard, and King as separate entities with diverse games, cultures, and communities, Faries highlighted the unique attributes that define each company. She assured the Blizzard team of her deep respect for their identity and a commitment to navigating the dynamics that differentiate these gaming realms.

A notable aspect of the message was Faries' dedication to doing everything in her power to help Blizzard thrive. She emphasized the importance of considering both the team and the games, recognizing the uniqueness of each title under Blizzard's umbrella. Her optimism about serving current and future player communities and amplifying the shared passion for excellence in game-making was evident.

Looking forward to her first week at Blizzard, Faries expressed eagerness to connect with as many team members as possible. Informal meet-and-greet sessions, scheduled town hall meetings, and an open invitation for emails aim to facilitate communication and foster collaboration across the organization.

The message also provided a glimpse into Faries' personal life, emphasizing her commitment to raising two boys and her routine, including daily yoga, prayer, and video games. Faries, a self-proclaimed Diablo IV fan, shared her joy in gaming and working with those who create games.

As Blizzard Entertainment navigates this transition, Faries remains inspired by the company's iconic legacy and the transformative role of gaming. Her message reflects a blend of humility, respect for Blizzard's unique qualities, and a genuine excitement for the journey ahead.

Johanna Faries' introductory message sets a tone of optimism and collaboration as Blizzard Entertainment enters a new era under her leadership. The focus on acknowledging the distinctiveness of each game and community, combined with a commitment to thriving in the face of challenges, hints at a promising future for Blizzard and its dedicated team.