Bobby Orr Skates into NHL 24: A Tribute to the Greatest Defenseman in Hockey History

NHL 24 has welcomed the legendary Bobby Orr into its virtual arena in a groundbreaking moment for hockey enthusiasts and gaming fans. Making his debut in a hockey video game, Bobby Orr's inclusion in the title has stirred excitement among fans, and developers are paying homage to this iconic defenseman in various game modes. Join us as we explore how Bobby Orr will be featured across online and offline modes in NHL 24.

HUT (Hockey Ultimate Team)

To commemorate Bobby Orr's arrival in NHL 24, a base player item of the legendary defenseman will be available in the HUT store. All players who log in before January 2nd, 2024, can claim this exclusive item. The pack containing Bobby Orr's base item will be accessible from 5 pm EST on November 9th, offering fans a chance to bolster their teams with the skills of this hockey legend.

Players can earn a Bobby Orr Power Up Player item as part of the Gallery of Greats event. By trading in all 10 Power-Up player items from the event, users can unlock an enhanced version of Orr to dominate on the virtual ice. This special event provides a unique way for gamers to connect with the legendary defenseman's legacy.

HUT Moments

Immerse yourself in Bobby Orr's storied career by playing through two themed moments in HUT. Relive his historic seven-point game, where he broke the record for the most points by a defenseman in a single game. Additionally, experience the magic of Orr's iconic Stanley Cup-winning goal in overtime against the St. Louis Blues. These moments allow fans to recreate and celebrate Orr's defining achievements in the virtual hockey world.


As a tribute to Bobby Orr's illustrious 10-season tenure with the Boston Bruins, the World of Chel introduces Bruins uniforms into the store. Available to all players until January 2nd, 2024, these uniforms celebrate Orr's legacy as a critical player in the Bruins' journey to two Stanley Cups in 1970 and 1972.


In NHL 24, Bobby Orr takes his place among the elite in the Alumni Team. With a remarkable 97 Overall rating, Orr shares the spotlight with Wayne Gretzky as the highest-rated player in the game. Whether you're a Boston Bruins fan or an admirer of hockey history, playing with Orr on the Alumni Team is an unparalleled experience.


For those who enjoy the strategic depth of Franchise Mode, Bobby Orr is a valuable addition to your team. Players can reassign Orr to the 'create team' or 'edit rosters page' and strategically place him on a team of their choice. This opens up new possibilities for fans to build their dream teams and guide them to glory in the Franchise Mode.

Bobby Orr's inclusion in NHL 24 is not just a milestone for the game but a celebration of one of the greatest defensemen in NHL history. From exclusive HUT items to themed moments and an impressive presence in various game modes, Orr's virtual presence allows fans to relive and create their moments of hockey greatness. As the virtual ice rink awaits, embrace the legacy of Bobby Orr in NHL 24 and experience the thrill of playing with a true hockey icon.

EA SPORTS NHL 24 is available worldwide, inviting fans to lace up their virtual skates and join the excitement of the game.