Celebrating 10 Years of Warframe at Digital Extremes Tennocon 2023

Celebrating 10 Years of Warframe at Digital Extremes Tennocon 2023

The much-anticipated annual player celebration has left no stone unturned, revealing a tapestry of thrilling new content and Warframe updates set to propel the game to new heights. From groundbreaking features to expansive expansions, here's a glimpse into the exciting future that Digital Extremes has meticulously crafted for Warframe enthusiasts worldwide.

Digital Extremes detailed planned new updates for global hit Warframe, including two free major story expansions titled “Whispers in the Wall” and “Warframe 1999” alongside fresh gameplay for the hotly anticipated Soulframe

The reveals came as part of Digital Extremes’ annual celebration, TennoCon 2023. Critical announcements made during the show include:

  • HEIRLOOM COLLECTIONS (TODAY): to celebrate 10 years of Warframe, the team has released limited edition Heirloom Collections - distinctive, unique skins for Frost and Mag designed by Warframe’s original Art Director, Mynki, along with an entirely new class of customization, the Signa.
  • WHISPERS IN THE WALLS (WINTER 2023): the beginning of an epic new narrative arc for Warframe that brings a new cinematic storyline answering questions players have had since the game’s origin.
  • ABYSS OF DAGATH (OCTOBER 2023): The faceless rider Dagath, the 54th Warframe, arrives as part of our Abyss of Dagath seasonal update - a new weapon, seasonal content, and a suite of QoL improvements await.
  • CROSS SAVE (THIS YEAR): Players can continue their game across any platform they want, when they want, and how they want, with this paramount feature coming in 2023.
  • WARFRAME: 1999 (2024): a major 2024 update that will take players back to the beginning - featuring classic Warframe hack-and-slash action and a licensed track from Nine Inch Nails - discover who Arthur is in Excalibur’s suit and more at next year’s TennoCon.
  • WARFRAME MOBILE (2024): The same high-quality experience console and PC players have been known to expect comes to mobile in 2024. Mobile iOS preorders will be live today.
  • SOULFRAME (TBA): TennoLive saw an extended gameplay walkthrough by the Soulframe team showcasing the game’s combat system and lore. A VOD capture of that segment is intended to be made available later today.

This TennoCon, Digital Extreme has made a $200,000 donation to Canada Learning Code to help them in their efforts. Learn more about their mission at: https://canadalearningcode.ca

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