Celebrating Quebec's Gaming Diversity: A Showcase of Over 200 Titles from Local Studios

Celebrating Quebec's Gaming Diversity: A Showcase of Over 200 Titles from Local Studios

Quebec, a thriving hub for the gaming industry, is home to over 300 studios, boasting a rich tapestry of independent and AAA developers from January 29th to February 5th. In a showcase of gaming excellence, the province proudly features over 200 released and upcoming titles that highlight the creativity and innovation emanating from its diverse pool of developers. This sale provides gaming enthusiasts with an opportunity to explore exceptional games and plays a crucial role in supporting the local gaming ecosystem.

Diversity at the Forefront:
Quebec's gaming landscape is marked by its diversity, with a myriad of genres, themes, and narratives brought to life by developers who call the province home. The showcase reflects a commitment to amplifying marginalized voices within the gaming industry, emphasizing the importance of fostering an inclusive environment.

Direct Support for Local Studios:
By participating in this sale, gaming enthusiasts are not merely acquiring games; they are directly contributing to the success and sustainability of local studios. The sale serves as a platform for players to engage with the incredible work of Quebec's developers, acknowledging the talent and dedication that goes into crafting each gaming experience.

A Glimpse into the Future:
The showcase features both released titles that have already left their mark on the gaming landscape and upcoming releases that hold promise for the future. From indie gems to AAA blockbusters, Quebec's gaming scene offers diverse experiences that cater to a wide range of preferences.

Spotlight on Marginalized Developers:
This year's showcase specializes in marginalized developers, recognizing their unique perspectives and contributions to the gaming industry. The event aims to create awareness and foster a more inclusive and representative gaming landscape by shining a spotlight on these creators.

Building a More Diverse Industry:
Quebec's commitment to building a more diverse industry is evident in the concerted effort to support local studios and amplify voices that may have been historically underrepresented. This initiative aligns with a broader industry-wide push for inclusivity, recognizing the transformative power of diverse narratives and perspectives in gaming.

As gaming enthusiasts delve into the extensive catalogue of over 200 titles from Quebec's studios, they become integral participants in a movement to celebrate diversity, support local talent, and shape the gaming industry's future. The showcase is a testament to Quebec's gaming community's vibrant and inclusive spirit, inviting players to embark on a journey that transcends boundaries and fosters a sense of unity within the gaming landscape. We can't wait to cover all these games soon.

Here are a few samples of games that are participating in this celebration

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