Chucky from Child's Play Joins Dead by Daylight in a Killer Chapter Update

As he debuted in Dead by Daylight, get ready to step into the nightmarish world of Chucky, the doll-turned-serial-killer from the iconic Child's Play franchise. Behaviour Interactive, the developer of the popular asymmetrical multiplayer game, has announced an exciting new chapter update that introduces Chucky as a Killer. This thrilling addition will allow players to take on the infamous Good Guy doll role starting November 28.

Chucky's Original Voice Actor Returns

One of the most exciting aspects of Chucky's arrival in Dead by Daylight is the return of Brad Dourif, the original voice actor for Chucky in the Child's Play films. This ensures that the character stays true to its roots and maintains the distinctive, sinister voice that has become a hallmark of the franchise. Hearing Chucky's iconic voice as he stalks his victims in the game is sure to send shivers down players' spines.

Customization Options

Players will also have the opportunity to personalize their Chucky experience by introducing a "Good Gal" outfit inspired by Tiffany Valentine, also known as the Bride of Chucky. Voiced by Jennifer Tilly, Tiffany is a fan-favourite character from the franchise. This outfit gives players a unique way to put their twist on the Chucky Killer and brings the cinematic connection to life within the game.

Chucky's Abilities

Chucky's in-game abilities are designed to capture his essence as a sneaky, ruthless killer. The Killer's abilities will make Dead by Daylight matches even more intense and terrifying. Here's a glimpse of what Chucky has in store for his victims:

  1. Slice & Dice: Chucky is adept at sneaking around the map and has a lunge ability that allows him to close the gap with his larger targets efficiently. This ability will keep Survivors on their toes, knowing that Chucky could strike at any moment.
  2. Charles Lee Ray: In his human form, Chucky's original persona can assist him in spirit form. This adds an extra layer of strategy to playing Chucky, allowing him to manipulate the environment to his advantage and catch Survivors off guard.
  3. Scamper: Chucky's Scamper ability enables him to leap through windows and move under pallets, making him an agile and elusive Killer. Survivors will need to be extra vigilant to escape their clutches.

The Addition of Bride of Chucky

Including the "Good Gal" outfit and the Bride of Chucky in the game extends the lore of the Child's Play franchise. It offers fans a unique opportunity to explore the relationship between Chucky and Tiffany. This addition not only adds depth to the game but also honours the long-standing legacy of these memorable characters.

Chucky's arrival in Dead by Daylight marks an exciting moment for fans of both the game and the Child's Play franchise. With his original voice actor, Brad Dourif, returning to voice the character and a range of unique abilities at his disposal, Chucky promises to be a formidable and thrilling addition to the game's roster of Killers. As the release date of November 28 draws near, players can look forward to many terrifying and memorable matches with the pint-sized, yet deadly, doll. Dead by Daylight has once again proven its commitment to bringing iconic horror characters to life, ensuring that fans of both the game and the movies can enjoy a truly spine-tingling experience.