Toy of Terror: Chucky Unleashes Havoc in Dead by Daylight

Prepare for a spine-chilling addition to the Dead by Daylight universe as the diminutive yet diabolical Chucky emerges from the shadows to haunt The Fog. In a collaboration that fans have long clamoured for, Behaviour Interactive and Universal Products & Experiences have conjured a new chapter, injecting the mischievous spite of the killer doll into the heart of the game. Join us as we delve into the eagerly awaited arrival of Chucky, exploring his distinctive gameplay, darkly humorous lines, and the alluring extras that make this chapter a must-play for both avid gamers and horror enthusiasts alike.

The Puppet Master Arrives:
With a killer doll as your new best friend, Dead by Daylight takes an unexpected twist, bringing the infamous Chucky to life. In a move that defied expectations, the collaboration addressed the challenge of Chucky's more diminutive stature by introducing a third-person camera perspective, making him the first killer to navigate The Fog in this unique way. Voiced by the original actor, Brad Dourif, Chucky's presence promises an authentic and chilling experience for players as they navigate through the murderous mayhem that follows the Good Guy wherever he goes.

Dancing with Danger:
Underestimate Chucky at your peril; his diminutive size is more than compensated by a deadly combination of stealth and audacious banter. His unique ability, Hidey-Ho Mode, introduces Footfalls, a disorienting sensory onslaught confusing Survivors with sounds and footprints from all directions. Chucky executes two actions in this mode: Scamper for surprises through windows or beneath pallets and Slice and Dice, a rush-and-leap move that sends Survivors scrambling.

Perks of Pint-Sized Mischief:
Chucky's arsenal includes three unique perks, each enhancing the playful cruelty of the Good Guy. Hex: Two Can Play blinds any Survivor attempting to thwart or blind Chucky, Hex: Friends,' Til The End exposes the Obsession when a Survivor other than the Obsession is hooked, and Batteries Included bestows a movement speed boost upon generator completion, enabling Chucky to catch his prey.

Dress to Kill:
The Friends' Til The End Collection is Accompanying Chucky's arrival, boasting two iconic outfits. The Back From The Dead Chucky Outfit features the Good Guy resurrected, stitched up and ready to wreak havoc in his classic striped turtleneck and denim overalls. The Good Gal Outfit introduces Tiffany, the Bride of Chucky, complete with her signature dress and leather jacket, voiced by the legendary Jennifer Tilly.

Chucky's debut in Dead by Daylight is more than a mere expansion; it's a nightmarish adventure into the world of a killer doll with a penchant for chaos. With his unique playstyle, darkly comedic dialogue, and iconic outfits, players are in for an unforgettable journey through The Fog. Whether you're a seasoned Dead by Daylight veteran or a horror enthusiast seeking a new thrill, Chucky's presence injects a fresh dose of terror and excitement into the gaming experience. Brace yourself as The Good Guy's malevolence takes center stage—your new best friend awaits, and the game will never be the same again. Try out Chucky Now!

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