CounterAttack: Uprising Unleashes Galactic Mayhem on Epic Games Store – Customize, Conquer, and Co-op Your Way to Victory

CounterAttack: Uprising Unleashes Galactic Mayhem on Epic Games Store – Customize, Conquer, and Co-op Your Way to Victory

Exciting News: CounterAttack: Uprising, the vibrant side-scrolling multiplayer shoot 'em up (SHMUP), is set to debut on the Epic Games Store on January 11th, 2024! Having recently captivated Nintendo Switch players, this highly customizable space shooter, developed by Relative Games and published by Relative Software LTD., promises an exhilarating experience filled with endless possibilities.

Embark on an epic journey as humanity confronts a mechanical apocalypse orchestrated by the relentless "Automatons." These beings are determined to wipe out humanity, deploying an unstoppable armada to obliterate everything in its path. Humanity's only hope lies in the Experimental Space Fighter program, featuring eight skilled pilots, each with a unique ship and a remarkable ability supercharged by potent Quantium:

  • Renowned Scientist and inventor, equipped with the Ultimate Tactical Nuke.
  • Expert pilot, well-versed in X-101s, boasting the Ultimate Overcharge.
  • Top pilot leading Earth's defense squadrons with the Ultimate Fighter Squadron.
  • Bold individual who stole an experimental fighter for the thrill, armed with the Ultimate Meson Shockwave.
  • A multifaceted achiever with confidence, showcasing the Ultimate Big Biff Beam.
  • Astrophysicist and engineer wielding the Ultimate Shield.
  • Computer and applied technology expert utilizing the Ultimate Hacking.
  • Young but capable pilot with quick thinking and flexibility, armed with the Ultimate Plasma Strike.

Whether flying solo or teaming up with others on a couch or online co-op, CounterAttack: Uprising allows you to craft your ultimate ship. Unlock powerful upgrades, special abilities, and over 600 attachments, ranging from engine turbos to total weapon conversions. Utilize the combination power-up system to forge new weapons and showcase your unique fighting style.

Experience an enhanced version of CounterAttack: Uprising with various improvements, including redesigned effects, 24 Epic Games Store Achievements, optimized online code, and several fixes.

Key Features:

  • Choose from 8 unique playable characters, each with a distinct ship.
  • Conquer 32+ levels and face almost as many challenging bosses.
  • Customize your fighter with special weapons, upgrades, and over 600 attachments.
  • Engage in true co-op gameplay with 2-8 online players and 1-4 local co-op players featuring crossplay.
  • Unleash your creativity with the game's campaign/level editor to design your missions and levels.
  • Challenge yourself with three Endless survival modes.

Pricing & Availability:

CounterAttack: Uprising will be available on the Epic Games Store for USD 14.99 before discounts. The game can also be found on Steam, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

Epic Games Store - Link
Nintendo eShop - Link ($19.49 CAD)
Steam - Link ($17.49 CAD)
Xbox/Microsoft Store - Link ($19.99 CAD)

About Relative Games
Relative Games is a small, independent game development studio focused on creating unique and engaging online games for niche markets. CounterAttack: Uprising is the studio’s first title. To learn more about CounterAttack: Uprising, please visit

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