CounterAttack: Uprising Blasts Onto Nintendo Switch with Customizable Chaos!

CounterAttack: Uprising Blasts Onto Nintendo Switch with Customizable Chaos!

The explosive side-scrolling shooter, CounterAttack: Uprising, has just landed on Nintendo Switch, and it's packing a punch with its fully customizable mayhem. Developed by Relative Games, this game is here to scratch that itchy trigger finger.

In this mechanical apocalypse, humanity faces the relentless Automatons, determined to wipe out our race with their unstoppable armada. To counter this threat, the Experimental Space Fighter program springs into action, with 8 fearless pilots at the helm, each equipped with their own ship and a supercharged special ability thanks to Quantium:

  • Ayumi (Tactical Nuke)
  • Biff (Big Biff Beam)
  • Marcus (Meson Shockwave)
  • Joe (Overcharge)
  • Sarah (Quantium Shield)
  • Sloane (Fighter Squadron)
  • Carl (Plasma Strike)
  • Jinx (Hack Wave)

Play solo or team up with friends in couch or online co-op. Customize your ship to the max with over 600 attachments, from engine turbos to weapon conversions. Combine power-ups to create your very own weapons and unleash your unique fighting style.

What's New for the Switch Version:

  • A sleeker player selector
  • 25 shiny new attachments
  • 2 fresh levels: "Anomaly" and the mysterious "Gate"
  • A boatload of bug fixes

Key Features That'll Blow Your Mind:

  • Pick from 8 distinct characters, each with their own killer ship.
  • Take on over 32 levels and face off against almost as many bosses!
  • Build your fighter by choosing from special weapons, upgrades, and 600+ attachments.
  • Experience intense co-op action with 2-8 players online or 1-4 players local co-op (including crossplay).
  • Get creative with your missions and levels using the game's unique campaign/level editor.
  • Challenge yourself with three Endless survival modes.

CounterAttack: Uprising is now live on Nintendo Switch for $12.74 USD (with a sweet 15% off discount). But that's not all, folks! You can also find it on Steam and Xbox for more gaming goodness.

About Relative Games
Relative Games is a small, independent game development studio focused on creating unique and engaging online games for niche markets. CounterAttack: Uprising is the studio’s first title. To learn more about CounterAttack: Uprising, please visit