Cult of the Starving: Cult of the Lamb partners with Don't Starve Together for their first year anniversary

Game studios Massive Monster and Klei Entertainment team up for a Cult of The Lamb/Don't Starve Together game collaboration.

Cult of the Starving: Cult of the Lamb partners with Don't Starve Together for their first year anniversary

A little over a year after it's release, Cult of the Lamb and it's studio creators Massive Monster are packing a big cult-y punch for their one year anniversary, teaming up with Klei Entertainment  (makers of Don't Starve Together) in the process.

Starting August 21, 2023, they've cursed (or rather blessed) us with a full collaboration on both games. Some it the crossover content to be in each game includes the following:

Cult of the Lamb x Don't Starve Together Crossover Trailer

Cult of the Lamb

  • Currently 35% off the game on Steam.
  • Penitence, a new mode that brings survival mechanics into the game inspired by Don't Starve Together... hunger and sleep.
  • 7 cult decorations from Don’t Starve Together including the Alchemy Engine and Science Machine.
  • Webber as a follower form.
  • New music featured by audio director River Boy.

Don't Starve Together

  • The Crown trinket can now be found in Wet Pouches that are fished from the oasis lake.
  • Offering the Crown trinket to the Antlion will reward the players with new blueprints.
  • For a limited time, log in to Don't Starve Together and get The Lamb, The Lamb's Blade, Flock's Chest, and The Lamb's Reward item skins inspired by Cult of The Lamb as Login Rewards.

On Klei's side, they had this to say about the celebration:

Something wooly this way comes! A charming change-up is coming to the Constant, and we can hardly contain our shear excitement. You’ll have it baa-d for this culty collab!

We've had our eyes on a Crossover with Cult of the Lamb for quite some time. We may have our plates full with our 2023 roadmap but we couldn't resist the temptation to do a bite-sized crossover for you all.

A huge Thanks to Massive Monster and Devolver Digital for our time together working on this crossover. If you are not already a devoted follower,  you should check it out. You'll become a believer too!

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