Darkest Dungeon II 'Kingdoms' Update: A Desperate Race Against Monstrous Threats

In a thrilling announcement, Red Hook Studios has revealed that Darkest Dungeon II will receive a significant new campaign game mode, 'Kingdoms,' as a free content update later this year. This exciting update was celebrated with a teaser trailer for the Triple-i Initiative, a new video game showcase event. As part of the Triple-i Initiative Steam Sale, Darkest Dungeon II will be available for 33% off, with The Binding Blade DLC also receiving a 10% discount.

The upcoming 'Kingdoms' game mode will challenge players in a desperate race against the clock to find and defeat a monstrous threat before it overwhelms and destroys the Kingdom. The Kingdom comprises a network of haven Inns where players can gather resources and battle evil incursions. Resources acquired during the journey can be used to upgrade heroes and the Inns through extensive upgrade trees. Players will embark on unique questlines and confront three new monster factions: The Coven, Beastmen, and Crimson Courtiers. Notably, 'Ki'gdoms' can be played independently of the game's ori "final "Confe" sions" mode.

Chris Bourassa, Co-Founder and Creative Director at Red Hook Studios expressed excitement about abou'Kingdoms'gdoms' project, emphasizing his commitment to delivering fresh and engaging content. He highlighted that the new mode would blend the permanence and roster management of the original Darkest Dungeon with the traversal and combat of Darkest Dungeon II, promising a massive, free update that adds even more content and value for players.

In addition to the 'Kingdoms' update, Darkest Dungeon II offers players a thrilling journey through five campaigns known as "Confe" sions," each featuring its terrifying boss and unique mechanics. The game features 12 playable heroes, with two additional heroes available via The Binding Blade DLC. Other features include the extensive metagame progressio" hub, "The Altar of" Hope," over 70 Steam and EGS achievements, ten companion pets with different run-defining properties, and optional thematic difficulty modifiers in the form of the Radiant and Infernal Flame equipable items for those seeking more or less challenge.

The free 'Kingdoms' update for Darkest Dungeon II is expected to arrive in late 2024 for PC on Steam and Epic Games Store. Prepare to embark on a perilous adventure, gather your resources, and face the monstrous threats that await in the shadows of the Darkest DuII'sn'II's 'Kingdoms' update.