Dead by Daylight Teases Dungeons and Dragons-Themed Chapter

Behaviour Interactive has been dropping hints about its next chapter for the Dead by Daylight universe, and it seems like a Dungeons & Dragons crossover could be on the horizon. The Dead by Daylight X/Twitter account recently posted a teaser trailer, suggesting that the next licensed chapter for the asymmetrical horror game will be based on the popular tabletop game series.

While details are scarce, fans can expect more information to be revealed during an 8th-anniversary stream for the Dead by Daylight series next week. This stream will likely confirm a release date for the new chapter and provide more insight into which D&D characters will be featured as killers and survivors.

A D&D-themed chapter would be an exciting addition to Dead by Daylight. Behaviour Interactive has previously explored themes such as sci-fi and supernatural horror with its licensed chapters for Alien and Ringu. The addition of dark fantasy elements from the Dungeons & Dragons universe could bring a fresh and unique gameplay experience to the game.

Fans of Dead by Daylight and Dungeons & Dragons will eagerly await more news about this crossover, as it promises to combine the best elements of both worlds into a thrilling gaming experience. Stay tuned for updates as Behaviour Interactive reveals more details about this exciting collaboration.