Dead By Daylight's Dance of Discord: Chaos, Couture, and Convenient Upgrades

Embrace the Unpredictability

Dead By Daylight's latest update continues to shake up the gameplay with the introduction of Chaos Shuffle, following the success of the Lights Out Modifier. With Chaos Shuffle, players dive into Trials armed with randomly assigned Perks, challenging them to adapt on the fly. This twist forces a reevaluation of strategies and tactics, injecting each match with tension and surprises.

Alongside Chaos Shuffle comes an Event Tome brimming with exclusive challenges and rewards, enhancing the excitement and variety of gameplay experiences.

Stay tuned for the imminent release of Chaos Shuffle, promising fresh thrills and strategic problems.

Enhanced In-Game Store Experience

To accommodate the expanding universe of Dead by Daylight, the in-game store receives a comprehensive visual makeover. This overhaul facilitates more straightforward navigation, allowing players to:

  • Quickly locate sale items
  • Browse cosmetics from specific collections
  • Take advantage of discounted bundles featuring multiple items

Moreover, the revamped store introduces a weekly gift for all players, encouraging regular visits and engagement.

New Outfit Collections

Dive into an array of captivating outfit collections set to debut in Dead By Daylight:

  • The spine-chilling Forgotten Myth Collection unveils a legendary Visceral Outfit for The Huntress, accompanied by a unique Mori animation.
  • Metamorphosis takes center stage with the returning Chrysalis Collection, offering butterfly and moth-inspired aesthetics for both Killers and Survivors.
  • The Visions of the Future Collection introduces futuristic attire for several Survivors.
  • Joining the Nicolas Cage Essentials Collection is a new addition showcasing the actor's iconic style.
  • The botanical brutality of the Forgotten Garden Collection extends to two Killers.
  • Embrace coziness with the Cats & Dogs Collection, featuring sweaters inspired by our furry companions.

Experience the Splendor of TOME 19

TOME 19: SPLENDOR has arrived, presenting a tapestry of challenges, memories, and rewards inspired by opulence and luxury.

Unlock memories delving into The Artist and Zarina Kassir's intertwined past, revealing familial bonds fraught with joy and sorrow. Additionally, explore new memories from the House of Arkham.

TOME 19: SPLENDOR boasts glamorous Outfits for characters like The Trickster, Nea Karlsson, Mikaela Reid, and The Skull Merchant, available across Free and Premium Tracks. Rift Pass holders gain immediate access to a resplendent golden Outfit for The Trapper while completing the track unlocks an ultra-rare outfit for The Doctor.

Prepare to indulge in the riches of TOME 19: SPLENDOR, now available for exploration.

Introducing the Rift Pass Bundle
For eager adventurers seeking expedited access to Rift rewards, the Rift Pass Bundle offers the Rift Pass along with 20 tiers of unlocked rewards at a discounted price. Obtain the Rift Pass Bundle from the Dead By Daylight In-Game Store and embark on your journey to glory.

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