Destiny Undead: Crafting Your "Everafter" - A Kickstarter Adventure by Studio RebelRune

Destiny Undead: Crafting Your "Everafter" - A Kickstarter Adventure by Studio RebelRune

In the ethereal realms beyond life, Studio RebelRune (Toronto Based studio!) invites you to embark on a unique journey with their groundbreaking Kickstarter project, "Destiny Undead." This isn't your typical supernatural escapade; it's a venture into the afterlife where creativity takes center stage, and your undead existence becomes a canvas for self-expression.

Unveiling Your Undead Identity

"Destiny Undead" promises to be more than just another spooky encounter. Instead, it's an exploration of the eternal unknown, where your undead character becomes a symbol of creativity and self-discovery. The Kickstarter guidebook serves as your key to unlocking the mysteries of the afterlife, helping you navigate the shadows with style.

Step through death's doorway and embrace your new identity among the undead cast, whether you're an elf, orc, human, or gnome. This comprehensive guidebook opens the door to a realm of possibilities, allowing you to transform into philosophical zombies, moonlit ghouls, or lore-rich skeletons, each with its distinct allure.

Defining Your Destiny

Within the pages of this 30-page tome, RebelRune promises an immersive experience filled with details and stunning illustrations that bring the undead to life (figuratively speaking). This guidebook isn't just about reading; it's about visualizing your existence in all its ghostly beauty. Discover the intricacies of your character's transformation into the undead, gaining new perspectives on tactics, storytelling, and the very nature of play.

Unveil the mysteries of your character's alignment, spirit, and power. Whether you prefer the contemplative stillness of philosophical zombies, the lively antics of moonlit ghouls, or the ancient echoes of lore-rich skeletons, your choices will shape your character's abilities and challenges, creating a truly unique nighttime odyssey.

Back the Campaign and Join the Legend

As a supporter of the Kickstarter campaign, you have the opportunity to receive exclusive rewards. Choose between a digital PDF or a PDF + print-on-demand option via DrivethruRPG. By clicking 'Back this project,' you not only become a crucial part of this chilling adventure but also contribute to crafting a legend that will be passed down through the ages.

Support Studio RebelRune in unlocking the doors to a new realm of Dungeons & Dragons play, where every choice is a step into the everlasting. Embrace your destiny, back the project, and be part of the undead legacy that awaits.