Dive into Festive Fun with Fish Game's Holiday Extravaganza!

As the holiday season unfolds, Fish Game, the charming aquarium simulator developed by A Shell in the Pit Games, is making a splash with a festive update that will warm the hearts of virtual aquarists everywhere. Teaming up with Creative Ink and development partner Smarter Every Day, Fish Game brings joy to players with an array of holiday decorations and an enhanced food system, turning your underwater haven into a winter wonderland.

Holiday Decorations Galore:

From December 21 to January 4, players can transform their aquariums into winter wonderlands with over 70 new customizable items. Infuse the season's magic into your aquascape with twinkling lights, cascading snowflakes, and even some Hanukkah cheer with delightful dreidels. Each decoration offers multiple colour schemes, allowing players to create a unique underwater holiday masterpiece.

Revamped Food System:

The holiday festivities extend to the fishy inhabitants of your aquatic paradise by introducing 11 new food types. Treat your finned friends to a gourmet experience with offerings like Algae Wafers, Protein Flakes, Freeze Dried Mealworms, and more. Keep your underwater community well-fed and content to prevent any unwanted fishy feasts!

Celebrate the Season with Fish Game:

Fish Game, available on PC via Steam, invites players to immerse themselves in the delightful world of aquarium management. The holiday update coincides with the Steam Winter Sale, from December 21 to January 4, offering seasoned players and newcomers an opportunity to experience the joy of virtual aquascaping at a discounted price.

Stay Connected for Updates:

To stay in the loop on Fish Game, follow A Shell in the Pit Games on Steam, Discord, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. Whether you're a dedicated aquarist or a casual gamer, Fish Game's holiday extravaganza promises to add a touch of seasonal magic to your virtual underwater realm. Don't miss the chance to create the ultimate festive aquarium experience!

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Fish Game - Fish Game is the de-fin-itive fishkeeping sim experience made *for* enthusiasts *by* enthusiasts. Featuring fish with personalities and dynamic relationships, water quality modeling, plants that grow and much more! Made with support from our pals “Smarter Every Day”!A quick, but important note: Fish Game was supposed to be Early Access, but we messed up the release. However: the game is still good, and will only get better. More info in our News section.Feature list:Individual fish have unique personalities and behaviors, leading to infinite, evolving relationships! Get to know your fish over time as you watch them grow & interact!Observe a wide variety of behaviors. Learn on the fly which fish get along and which do not. You’ll see schooling, chasing, fighting, and even carnivorous behavior amongst a sea of other activities.Holy carp! Over 50 species of fish and growing, propagating aquatic plants for you to adopt and raise!Stay busy tinkering, scaping & managing, or relax with “No Death Mode”. Put a living, breathing aquarium on your TV with Steam Link!Unlock new content and mechanics via fishkeeper XP! Upgrade Tanks from 7 to 3000(!!!) gallons, upgrade shops for rarer critters, and more.Enjoy an economy-free shopping experience focused more on discovering rare treasures than grinding for currency.Playable on Steam Deck (cloud saves incoming)!Fully sculptable substrate and over 25 types of of rocks, driftwood, and novelty hardscape for you to choose from, including setpieces from some of your favorite games!Need more room? No problem! Challenge yourself by managing multiple tanks! Species tanks, hospital tanks, hardscape hoards – the world is your oyster!Don’t worry! Fish Game is deep, but you don’t have to be a brain sturgeon to figure it out!Carbon dioxide, ammonia, and oxygen levels are all simulated and have intricate relationships with your fish, plants, algae, light levels, and more!Photo Mode! Take great pics & set up fantastic dolly shots to share with your friends and participate in community contests.This game was developed with support from Destin and our friends at Smarter Every Day! Tanks for all your help, chums!It doesn’t get any betta than this! Start crafting your dream aquarium in Fish Game today!