Embark on an Epic Quest with 'Dragonyhm' – Game Boy Color's Reimagined RPG Adventure

Embark on an Epic Quest with 'Dragonyhm' – Game Boy Color's Reimagined RPG Adventure

Pre-orders for Dragonyhm on Game Boy Color are now available, marking the release of the new flagship RPG for the Game Boy Color. This exciting announcement comes from Incube8 Games, a renowned retro publisher, and Spacebot Interactive, an indie development studio based in Montreal, Canada. Dragonyhm is a reimagined version of the highly-praised Game Boy title, Dragonborne.

Set in the tranquil realm of Archend, where peace has prevailed for years after a historic clash with dragons, all is well until the celebrated dragon slayer, Kurtis, mysteriously vanishes, and the sealed dragons begin to stir from their slumber.

Assume the role of Kris, Kurtis's son, as you embark on a perilous journey to locate him. Along the way, you'll encounter memorable characters and delve into Archend's rich history while uncovering a menacing plot that threatens the kingdom's existence.

Prepare to explore, solve puzzles, and engage in epic battles throughout this heroic adventure!

Key Features

  • An adventure RPG compatible with Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Analogue Pocket.
  • A comprehensive battle and leveling up system.
  • 9 primary dungeons to explore in the game.
  • Hidden secret areas to discover.
  • A plethora of upgrades, enemies, collectibles, quests, and puzzles.
  • Multiple possible endings to the story.
  • Approximately 10 hours of immersive gameplay.
  • Unlockable Golden Dragon modes that alter the game's theme and difficulty level.

Standard Edition ($59.99) includes

  • Sealed box
  • Clear black cartridge
  • Clear cartridge protector
  • Instruction booklet
  • Dragonyhm sticker sheet
  • Silkscreened PCB with artwork on the back side

Collector's Edition ($99.99) includes

  • Exclusive purple sealed box
  • Clear black cartridge
  • Clear black cartridge protector
  • Instruction booklet
  • 2 Enamel pins
  • 2 sticker sheets
  • 24x36cm Poster (Folded)
  • CD music album
  • Dragonyhm cartridge stand
  • Silkscreened PCB with artwork on the back side

About Incube8 Games
Founded in 2021, Incube8 Games offers turnkey publishing solutions for new video games on retro consoles. Since starting, they've worked with over fifteen indie studios and established a reliable supply chain. With the decline of physical video game editions, Incube8 Games focuses on preserving the tactile experience of unboxing, enhanced with modern touches through collector's editions. The company is known for the consistent quality of its products. Additionally, Incube8 Games ran a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2021 to revive Infinity, a 2002 Game Boy Color RPG that was never completed.

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About Spacebot Interactive
Based in the UK, Spacebot Interactive are an indie game developer and publisher, who have a passion for retro style video games. They initially garnered interest with Dragonborne, an adventure RPG released in 2020, which has gone on to be one of the most successful indie Game Boy games in terms of sales.

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