DROSS: A Riveting FPS Roguelike Experience Set to Shine at Dreamhack Beyond Awards Steam Event

Exciting news for gaming enthusiasts as Team Derelict proudly unveils DROSS as a featured participant in the Dreamhack Beyond Awards Steam event starting Friday, December 15th. This digital extravaganza, hosted by Dreamhack, promises a showcase of nominees, winners, and an array of captivating indie games. Let's delve into the world of DROSS, an FPS Roguelike that promises to deliver an immersive and unique gaming experience.

The DROSS Experience:

DROSS immerses players in a challenging environment—a derelict facility overrun by alien bugs. Your mission is to navigate a procedurally generated world, acquire potent weapons and equipment, and upgrade your gear to survive the relentless onslaught of the Dross. This FPS Roguelike introduces a gripping narrative, challenging players to unveil the secrets of a mysterious installation while battling ferocious extraterrestrial foes.

The Journey Begins:

Picture yourself waking up on a desolate planet, surrounded by a hostile wasteland battered by relentless wind and storms. A lone outpost appears on the horizon, prompting you to crawl toward its barely visible entrance. As you descend into the underground facility, the ominous presence of the Dross becomes apparent. Your struggle for survival begins as you explore, fight, and uncover the secrets that lie within.

Immersive Combat:

DROSS offers players a choice in their approach to combat. Employ stealth and subterfuge to sneak around enemies, utilizing traps or door access, or embrace a more aggressive strategy by confronting the Dross head-on with heavy weapons and explosives. The Dross reacts dynamically to your tactics, adding an element of unpredictability to each encounter.

Deep Customization:

The game boasts a variety of weapons, including pistols, rifles, shotguns, heavy weapons, and explosives, allowing players to tailor their arsenal to suit their preferred playstyle. Upgrade your suit, weapons, and tools to enhance your combat effectiveness as you face the evolving challenges within the installation.

Roguelike Procedural Generation:

No two runs are the same in DROSS, as the procedurally generated environment ensures that each delve into the installation presents new paths and secrets to uncover. This feature keeps the gameplay fresh and encourages players to adapt their strategies to the ever-changing landscape.

Uncover The Truth:

The narrative of DROSS goes beyond mere survival—it beckons players to uncover the facility's secrets, the reason behind their arrival on the planet, and the origins of the Dross infestation. Only by reaching the core of the complex can players reveal the hidden dark secrets and assist their trusty companion, Vanth.

As DROSS prepares to captivate gamers in the Dreamhack Beyond Awards Steam event, it stands as a testament to the passion and dedication of Team Derelict. This Canada-based studio, led by a solo self-taught developer, has poured years into crafting an exceptional gaming experience. With its release slated 2024, DROSS is already making waves as a must-watch title in the FPS Roguelike genre. Stay tuned for updates and follow Team Derelict on Twitter to ensure you don't miss out on the latest information and announcements.

DROSS on Steam
DROSS is an FPS Roguelike set in a derelict facility infested with alien bugs. Travel a procedurally generated world, get powerful weapons and equipment, and upgrade your gear to survive. Fight the Dross, discover and destroy the infestation, and uncover the secrets of this mysterious installation.