Dungeons & Dragons Meets Dead by Daylight in New Crossover Adventure

Dungeons & Dragons Meets Dead by Daylight in New Crossover Adventure

The stage is set, the die is ready to be cast, and players are invited to choose their roles as Killer or Survivor in the thrilling new crossover event, Dead by Daylight: Dungeons & Dragons. Now available on all supported platforms, this collaboration introduces fans to a deadly new adventure filled with iconic elements from the beloved tabletop game.

Enter the Forgotten Ruins

The adventure unfolds in the crumbling Forgotten Ruins, where the arch-villain Vecna—The Lich, seeks to fulfill his dark ambitions. Players will find themselves in a desperate struggle for survival, embodying characters such as Aestri Yazar, a Bard cast into this forsaken land. Her survival is crucial, for she alone can chronicle the tale if she manages to escape.

Vecna—The New Killer

Vecna, the legendary tyrant and master of dark magic, takes center stage as the newest Killer in Dead by Daylight. Known by many ominous titles, Vecna wields the Book of Vile Darkness to cast spells that terrorize and decimate Survivors. His abilities include:

  • Flight of the Damned: Conjures five flying spectral entities that damage any Survivor they hit.
  • Fly: Elevates Vecna, allowing him to move quickly and pass through obstacles.
  • Mage Hand: Creates a phantasmic hand that can manipulate Pallets, hindering Survivor movement.
  • Dispelling Sphere: Conjures an undetectable sphere that reveals Survivor locations and turns off their Magical Items upon contact.

These abilities introduce a unique magical dimension to the game's mechanics, offering a new method for Killers to hunt their prey.

Aestri Yazar—The New Survivor

Players can step into the shoes of Aestri Yazar, the Bard, who uses her wit and voice to survive. Her unique perks include:

  • Mirrored Illusion: A static copy of the Survivor is created to mislead the Killer.
  • Bardic Inspiration: Empowers allies through a performance that boosts Skill Checks, influenced by a roll of a d20.
  • Still Sight: Reveals the aura of the Killer and nearby objectives when the Survivor remains still.

Players also have the option to play as Baermar Uraz, a male-presenting human Bard, with various outfits and accessories available for customization.

The Forgotten Ruins Map

The new Map, Forgotten Ruins, is part of the Decimated Borgo Realm. It features a ravaged tower and an underground lair filled with arcane lore, horrifying secrets, and surprises for Dungeons & Dragons fans.

New Gameplay: The Dice Decide All

True to its Dungeons & Dragons roots, the crossover includes dice rolls and loot mechanics. Seven Chests are scattered across the Map, each containing potential treasures determined by a roll of a d20. Survivors can find Magic Items that counter Vecna's spells, offering strategic advantages and rolling a critical 20 grants powerful items like the Eye of Vecna and the Hand of Vecna, which bestow unique abilities at the cost of a Health State.

Dead by Daylight: Dungeons & Dragons is available now

Players can dive into this exciting crossover event, blending the horror of Dead by Daylight with the fantasy of Dungeons & Dragons, which is now available on all supported platforms.

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