Echo Generation: Midnight Edition Arrives on Steam & Switch June 19th

The gang is back! Recently the studio Cococucumber announced that their game, Echo Generation: Midnight Edition, the acclaimed turn-based adventure game, is set to launch on Steam and Nintendo Switch on June 19th. Fans can wishlist the game now.

Winner of ‘Best Indie Game’ at the 2022 Canadian Game Awards, Echo Generation immerses players in a supernatural adventure set in the seemingly quiet Maple Town. Following a mysterious crash, players embark on a spooky journey through their hometown, battling monsters, completing quests, and uncovering secrets that hint at a conspiracy transcending time.

Already available on Xbox, Echo Generation is now expanding its reach to new platforms. Players on Steam and Switch can soon join the adventure and experience the game’s captivating storyline and engaging gameplay.

Don't miss out— mark your calendars for June 19th and get ready to dive into the mysteries of Echo Generation: Midnight Edition!