Electric Clash Returns as the First Stop for TEKKEN World Tour 2024

Incendium has announced the triumphant return of Electric Clash, the premier TEKKEN tournament, for the TEKKEN World Tour 2024. This year, Electric Clash will serve as the first tour stop for the TEKKEN World Tour 2024, making it a highly anticipated event for fans and competitors alike.

Electric Clash 2024 will be partnered with Humber College at the IGNITE student center. This collaboration allows for an event space with over 400 attendees, ensuring a thrilling and inclusive experience for all participants. Additionally, the location offers easy accessibility from the airport and local transit, making it convenient for players from all over to join the action.

The event, scheduled for April 20th, 2024, promises to be an exciting showcase of skill and competition. As players gear up for the next battle, Electric Clash stands ready to deliver an unforgettable start to the TEKKEN World Tour 2024.

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