Elemental Survivors launches into Early Access.

Samobee Games announces the launch of their game Elemental Survivors into Early Access

Elemental Survivors launches into Early Access.

Elemental Survivors melds the finest aspects of both worlds for gamers, offering an auto-attacking AND enemy-filled extravaganza. This experience encompasses distinct attacks, powerful gear, fantastical randomly-generated landscapes, a cadre of party members primed to bolster you with their individual strikes and upgrades, divine summonings, and an ever-evolving array of content.

Highlighted below are just a few of the features you can anticipate:

  • A diverse array of attacks to enhance as you vanquish your adversaries.
  • Upgradable equipment to assist you or amplify your offensive capabilities.
  • Party Members who elevate your attributes or expertise, equipped with their own unique assaults to fortify your group into a force to be reckoned with.
  • Area bosses to discover and defeat.
  • Accumulate gems to unlock additional zones replete with more foes.
  • Collect in-game currency, Zil, to procure upgrades.
  • Plus a TON more!

The game also includes accessibility features which include:

  • Manual/auto aim toggling.
  • Segregated sound effects for: attacks/enemies, music, and menus.
  • Camera buffer (to mitigate potential eye strain post-prolonged gameplay).
  • Party transparency.
  • And more, supplemented by regular updates.

Sambobee Games has stated that throughout its Early Access phase they intend to continue to add more features as they receive player feedback.

You can download the game on Steam now.

For more details or to contact the games team:
- Email.
- Twitter.
- Bluesky.
-Game key access can be requested via Woovit or Keymailer.
- View full press release here.