Embark on a Shape-Shifting Adventure in BIOMORPH, Now Available on Steam!

Venture into the captivating world of Ilios in BIOMORPH, a hand-drawn Metroidvania adventure that offers a unique twist on the genre. Developed with recent funding from Ubisoft, BIOMORPH stands out by allowing players to absorb and embody the powers of defeated enemies, evolving into a formidable force throughout their journey.

In BIOMORPH, players step into the shoes of Harlo, one of the last surviving creatures of their species. Harlo possesses a unique ability to transform into any fallen creature they defeat. By absorbing an enemy's power, Harlo triggers a transformation, gaining new skills for combat and exploration. With creatures of various shapes and sizes adding to Harlo's arsenal, players must strategize to overcome challenges and uncover the mysteries of Ilios.

The game features hand-drawn visuals that bring the world of Ilios to life, from ancient ruins to underground complexes. As players explore, they encounter various enemies, each with unique abilities that can be absorbed and utilized. Whether running faster, bursting through locked doors, or firing explosive projectiles, mastering the art of biomorphing is critical to Harlo's success and survival.

BIOMORPH allows players to optimize their builds, catering to all play styles. With varied skill sets and traversal abilities, players can solve puzzles, unlock new areas, and defeat enemies in creative ways. The game's challenging AI system ensures that previously mimicked creatures unlock new powers, creating a dynamic and engaging experience.

Currently available on Steam for USD 19.99, BIOMORPH will launch on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S later. Players can take advantage of a special 10% launch discount for a limited time. Stay updated on the latest news and developments by following Lucid Dreams Studio on Twitter, joining the official BIOMORPH Discord Server, and visiting the game's website.

Prepare to dive into the alluring world of Ilios, where the power of transformation lies in your hands. Experience the thrill of becoming your enemy and shaping your destiny in BIOMORPH!

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BIOMORPH is a dark metroidvania game where you become the creatures that you kill! Solve ingenious puzzles and navigate a stunning hand-drawn world. Meet quirky characters, rebuild a city, and uncover the secrets of a sprawling, fallen civilization… and of your own mysterious origins.