Embark on an Epic Adventure in The Rogue Prince of Persia™: A 2D Action-Platforming Rogue-Lite

During the Triple-I Initiative Livestream, Ubisoft and partnering studio Evil Empire unveiled The Rogue Prince of Persia™, a thrilling 2D action-platforming rogue-lite game set to launch in Early Access on Steam on May 14th, 2024.

In this captivating adventure, players assume the role of the Prince, armed with a mystical bola that resurrects him each time he dies. This unique artifact allows him to take daring risks to perfect his acrobatic and combat skills, moulding him into a formidable warrior. Players must guide the Prince through different biomes, master new weapons, equip trinkets, and upgrade gear to rally allies and save the city of Ctesiphon from the Hun's army of possessed soldiers, led by the evil Hun chief, Nogai.

To navigate the platforming challenges, players will utilize the iconic wall run to cross gaps, avoid traps, and outmaneuver enemies. From the aqueduct to the grand academy, the Prince must utilize his acrobatic prowess to traverse procedurally generated levels inspired by Persian architecture. Alongside environmental hazards, players will face off against enemies wielding dark shamanic magic and corrupted creatures, offering various combat options to suit every playstyle, from twin daggers to spears, broad swords, and axes. Secondary weapons like shields, bows, and grappling hooks enhance the combat experience.

The game's soundtrack, produced and composed by ASADI, blends traditional and modern sonorities, immersing players in a contemporary and epic vision of Persian folklore. Evil Empire studio, known for its expertise in 2D action-platforming rogue-lites, approached Ubisoft with its innovative take on the Prince of Persia brand, leading to this exciting collaboration.

The Rogue Prince of Persia™ will launch in Early Access on Steam, allowing players to provide feedback and shape the game's future development. Expect regular content updates based on community feedback, including new levels, bosses, weapons, enemies, and upgrades. Join the Prince on his quest for redemption and save the kingdom of Ctesiphon from the Huns' grip in this engaging and challenging adventure.