Enter the Dreamworld: Melatonin Rhythm Game Now Available on PlayStation 5

Enter the Dreamworld: Melatonin Rhythm Game Now Available on PlayStation 5

Half Asleep's dreamy rhythm game, Melatonin, has now arrived on PlayStation 5, offering players a mesmerizing experience for $14.99 USD.

Originally launched on PC in December 2022 to critical acclaim, with an "Overwhelmingly Positive" reception from over 4,500 reviewers, Melatonin later made its way to the Nintendo Switch. Playstation 5 players can immerse themselves in this unique blend of dreamy visuals, vibrant music, and surprising challenges.

Melatonin invites players to explore the merging of dreams and reality through a series of hand-drawn levels, each offering a new rhythmic challenge. Without intimidating overlays or interfaces, players can harmonize with the game's music and art, unravelling the mysteries of the main character's life as they delve deeper into their dreams.

Critical features of Melatonin include:

  • Over 20 dreamy levels spread across five chapters, each introducing a new rhythmic experience.
  • Unlockable Challenge Modes to test your rhythm, reflexes, and skill.
  • Fun-level Mashups that offer a new perspective on the game.
  • An easy-to-use Level Editor to create your rhythm game levels.
  • Practice Mode to help you master each level.
  • Assist features for those who need a little help along the way.

With its captivating visuals, enchanting music, and innovative gameplay, Melatonin promises to be a standout experience for rhythm game enthusiasts on PlayStation 5. Dive into the world of dreams and discover the magic of Melatonin today.

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Melatonin is a rhythm game about dreams and reality merging together. It uses animations and sound cues to keep you on beat without any intimidating overlays or interfaces. Harmonize through a variety of dreamy levels containing surprising challenges, hand-drawn art, and vibrant music.