Paint the Town with Été: Coming July 23!

Paint the Town with Été: Coming July 23!

Impossible is excited to announce, as part of today's Wholesome Direct, that its debut release Été, will be coming to Steam on July 23.

In Été, players bring color to a black-and-white coloring book neighborhood and create artwork using stamps inspired by objects around them. This painting game blends everyday exploration with creative expression as players uncover new areas of Montreal, meet charming locals, and sell their paintings to make rent.

About Été

Été [pronounced /ay·tay/, French for "summer"] is a relaxing painting game designed for those who love exploration and creativity. Players step into the shoes of a budding painter traveling abroad to Montreal for the summer. They can explore the city with a paintbrush and capture its everyday wonders on canvas. Befriend locals by fulfilling their inspiring commissions or prepare an original expo in your very own art studio.


  • Explore Montreal in the summer: Use gorgeous watercolor to paint the world in 3D and reveal its wonders. Roam around peaceful open city scenes and bring them to life by filling them with color.
  • Collect ideas for your album: Everything discovered while exploring — from flowers to birds — is added to an album, an ever-growing compendium of stamps that can be mixed and matched in artworks.
  • Create artwork on canvas: Été's unique canvas system effortlessly creates beautiful 2D watercolor artworks. Any stamp collected in the album can be added to compositions, moved, resized, recolored, and even spun around in 3D!
  • Show off your talent: Some NPCs will commission specific artworks, but players can paint unrestricted creative artworks. These can be hung on walls or auctioned at the local café... and maybe, if you get famous enough, be exhibited in your exposition.
  • Decorate your studio and apartment: Build the ideal creative nook by collecting furniture and arranging it with Été's flexible decoration system. Decorations can be placed precisely, combined into complex set pieces, and recolored.
  • Grow as an artist: Accumulate paint droplets as experience to level up and upgrade exploration abilities. Or, find rare pigment collectibles hidden throughout the city to mix new dyes for artworks and decorations.
  • Befriend the neighbors: Meet dozens of locals with colorful personalities. Some neighbors will have paid commissions, while others will tend to unique shops where you can spend hard-earned money on decorations.
  • Relax and smell the flowers: Été is a profoundly relaxing game with no failure or pressure. There is no time limit, no wrong way to paint, and no order in which to explore or complete quests. Players can take things at their own pace and immerse themselves in their new life as the friendly neighborhood painter.

Prepare to bring color to Montreal and make the world your painting when Été launches on Steam on July 23.

About Impossible
Impossible is a young diverse Montreal-based indie studio dedicated to creating interactive experiences that are  both bold and accessible. Founded in 2016 by Lazlo Bonin, developer of award-winning Unity tools like Bolt and Chronos, the team now comprises ten passionate developers and has received support from the Canada Media Fund for their first collective title Été.