Eternal Strands: A Fantastical Action-Adventure Epic

Yellow Brick Games, the independent studio founded by AAA industry veterans, has just revealed its debut title, Eternal Strands, in April’s IGN First. This fantasy action-adventure game, developed in Unreal Five by a team of 68, promises a revolutionary gameplay experience blending innovative physics-based systems with engaging action-combat.

Set in a vibrant and stylized universe, players assume the role of Brynn, a young and fearless Weaver determined to uncover the mysteries of the Enclave, a once mighty nation now lying dormant. Players will face epic 25-meter-high climbable creatures known as the Arks, using magical abilities and powerful weapons to keep the world from crumbling.

Chief Creative Officer Mike Laidlaw describes Eternal Strands as a game that encourages players to experiment with its systems, promising a different approach to gameplay. The game offers a vast and rich lore, allowing players to build relationships with diverse characters.

Key Features:

  1. The World is Your Weapon: A revolutionary system for gameplay interactions allows for unprecedented reactivity in combat. Players can use heat, cold, and real-time destruction to their advantage, hurling objects at enemies and manipulating the environment.
  2. Weaver of Magic: Players can wear the Mantle, a magical cloak that channels raw magic into various powers. Combine these powers with enchanted weapons and armour crafted from slain enemies for a custom look and style.
  3. Stand Against Giants: Face gigantic adversaries, climbing their massive forms to attack from different angles and using their attacks against them.
  4. Unstable Climate to Master: The game features an ever-changing climate that affects gameplay, enhancing the effectiveness of specific abilities or opening up new paths.
  5. A World Rich with Secrets: Every surface is climbable, and magical abilities can create bridges, burn barriers, or launch Brynn worldwide. The next-generation physics system encourages and rewards player creativity in exploration as much as combat.

Eternal Strands is set to launch on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5 in 2025. Developed with accessibility in mind, this Teen-rated game is designed to appeal to a wide range of audiences, including the most demanding action-combat players. Players can now wishlist the game on all platforms.

Eternal Strands on Steam
Fight epic, towering creatures while blending magical abilities with an arsenal of powerful weapons to keep the world from crumbling in this third-person, action-adventure game.