Introducing Evori Dreamwings: VALORANT's Magical New Skinline

Introducing Evori Dreamwings: VALORANT's Magical New Skinline

Riot Games has once again stirred excitement among VALORANT enthusiasts with the unveiling of Evori Dreamwings, a captivating new skin line set to enchant players starting June 27. Evori Dreamwings introduces a roster of friendly familiars imbued with magical prowess, poised to enhance gameplay with their unique personalities and abilities.

The skinline features an array of beloved weapons including the Vandal, Spectre, Odin, and Ghost, and introduces a new melee archetype, the Evori’s Spellcaster wand. Each weapon in Evori Dreamwings comes adorned with its distinctive familiar: Evori the Butterfly, Lunari the Cat, Solari the Mouse, Terrari the Rabbit, and Amari the Bear. These familiars dynamically interact throughout matches, reacting to player actions and transforming the gameplay experience.

Not just limited to aesthetics, Evori Dreamwings elevates immersion with stunning visual effects. Players can expect beautiful, sparkling animations when summoning weapons into battle, alongside bespoke finishers that transform the battlefield into a celestial spectacle under a starry night sky, accompanied by unique music.

Customization remains at the heart of this skin line, offering players the ability to personalize their Dreamwings experience with four colour options per weapon. This allows for coordinated team aesthetics and a chance to assemble a unique squad of Dreamwings alongside friends.

Accompanying the launch of Evori Dreamwings is Episode 9 Act I, bringing with it a fresh Battle Pass packed with exclusive items like the Convergence Phantom and Bubble Pop Classic, promising additional excitement and rewards for players.

Episode 9 Act I kicks off on June 26, 2024, marking a significant milestone in VALORANT's evolving universe. For more details and assets on Evori Dreamwings and the upcoming Battle Pass, players can visit the Riot Games media center.

With Evori Dreamwings set to enchant the battlefield, the stage is set for players to embark on a magical journey in the world of VALORANT like never before.