Dive into "Fish Game": The Cozy Aquarium Simulator on Steam Early Access

Dive into "Fish Game": The Cozy Aquarium Simulator on Steam Early Access

A Shell in the Pit Games, known for their audio work in titles like Untitled Goose Game and Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach, has launched "Fish Game," a cozy aquarium simulator, on Steam Early Access. Developed in collaboration with Creative Ink, Ryan Davis, and Smarter Every Day, this aquatic adventure caters to both fish enthusiasts and simulation fans.

In "Fish Game," players can craft their dream aquarium with an intuitive tank creation interface, from simple fish tanks to intricate aquascapes. Design sandy peaks and valleys, incorporate plant life, and add hardscape materials like rocks, driftwood, and statues to create unique underwater worlds. But it's not just about building; players must also manage the complex relationships within their growing collection of aquatic life.

This simulator emphasizes a relaxed atmosphere, intricate fish behaviors, and the joy of curating tanks to suit your preferences. The in-game economy-free system allows you to choose and add items to your tank without worrying about cash.

Players can name and care for various fish species, each with its own personality and needs. From friendly guppies to preying piranhas, you'll need to monitor hunger, health, and stress levels to create a thriving underwater habitat. Witness dynamic relationships evolve among the fish based on their environment and tankmates.

"Fish Game" offers customizable complexity, with a "Passive Mode" for a simplified experience or detailed ecosystem adjustments. Maintenance tasks include cleaning the tank, trimming overgrown plants, and managing algae levels, oxygen, ammonia, carbon dioxide, and more.

With the ability to create multiple tanks, ranging from 10 to over 1000 gallons, you can explore various aesthetics and occupants. The game also features a Photo Mode to capture memorable moments and Big Picture Mode to turn your screen into a virtual fish tank.

Creator Gordon McGladdery expressed his desire to capture the true essence of fishkeeping, emphasizing the personalities, behaviors, and complexities of aquatic life.

"Fish Game" is now available on Steam Early Access. For updates, follow A Shell in the Pit Games on  SteamTwitterInstagram, and Tiktok!

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Fish Game is a detailed and highly “sofishticated” aquarium simulator, lovingly crafted *by* enthusiasts *for* enthusiasts! Featuring fish with personalities and dynamic relationships, water quality modeling, and so much more! Made with support from our friends at Smarter Every Day!

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