Turning Dreams into Reality: Frenemies Inc. Secures CA$15,547 on Kickstarter

Turning Dreams into Reality: Frenemies Inc. Secures CA$15,547 on Kickstarter

Frenemies Media, the independent development studio, is basking in the glow of success as they celebrate surpassing their initial CA$2,000 goal on Kickstarter. With overwhelming support from 277 backers, they've met and exceeded expectations, raising an impressive CA$ 15,547 to bring their exciting project, Frenemies Inc., to life.

This achievement means the finished base game will feature 124 cards and a compelling new addition unlocked through stretch goals. Backers can also look forward to exclusive Kickstarter Editions of the Base Game in a sleek Black and Gold Version, accompanied by extra playmats, depending on the chosen Reward Tiers/Bundles.

For those who missed the initial campaign, Frenemies Inc. warmly invites late backers to join the excitement by conveniently pre-ordering through their backer kit portal. The portal can be accessed via the "Buy Now" button on their Kickstarter main page, leading to an exclusive pre-order page.

Frenemies Inc. is more than just a card game; it's a thrilling journey into the world of startups, betrayals, and corporate conflicts. With each session weaving a unique story of ambition and suspense, players will experience the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, filled with triumphs and betrayals as they compete or conspire to emerge victorious.

This 2-5 player card game is not just about playing cards; it's about crafting a narrative. Players are challenged to build a startup story by forming alliances, making strategic decisions, and engaging in covert strategies. Every move tests trust, cleverness, and rivalry, creating an atmosphere where outwitting friends is the ultimate goal.

Frenemies Inc. offers a range of features to keep players entertained and engaged:

  • A unique startup story: Every game is a new adventure.
  • A 2-5 player card game: Perfect for gatherings and game nights.
  • Business themes and humor: Because building an empire should be fun!
  • Strategy, collaboration, and sabotage: Simulating the challenges of entrepreneurship.
  • Entertainment and education: Learn about decision-making and resource management while having a blast.
  • Innovative gameplay mechanics and high-quality artwork: A visual and strategic treat.
  • Quick and intense gameplay: Experience the highs of profits and the lows of pitfalls.
  • Collaborate or plot in secrecy: The choice is yours.
  • Build, betray, and bluff: The path to success is full of twists.

Frenemies Inc. is not just a game; it's an immersive experience where players can build empires, betray friends, and bluff their way to success. Get ready for a journey where every game tells a unique startup story, and the thrill of competition is as intense as the world of corporate maneuvering itself.

About Frenemies Media
Jeffrey and Picard are two ambitious individuals with a shared passion for business, startups, and a good card game. Having dived deep into the realms of finance, markets, and the bustling world of startups, they had a dream - to create a card game that brought the frenetic energy of the corporate world into the palms of your hands. Not just any card game, though; they wanted to encapsulate the sheer madness, the unexpected turns, and the absolute joy of getting things right in business. And of course, it had to be chaotically fun.

They're not just trying to build a card game! Their long-term vision for the Frenemies Inc. brand is for it to shape into a media and entertainment platform where their mission is to reshape how users engage with news and current events. They're on a quest to transform mundane headlines into engaging narratives, replacing long-winded articles with punchy, sometimes satirical, comics that not only inform but entertain. They believe that staying updated shouldn't be a chore, but a delight.

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