From Below Pocket: The Next Gaming Sensation for Game Boy and NES

From Below Pocket: The Next Gaming Sensation for Game Boy and NES

If you're a retro gaming enthusiast or just someone who appreciates the charm of classic handheld consoles, we've got some exciting news for you! The creator of the critically acclaimed homebrew game, Witch n' Wiz has just unveiled their latest masterpiece: From Below Pocket. This captivating puzzle game is now available for pre-order until October 16, 2023, and it's set to redefine how you experience gaming on your Game Boy and NES consoles.

What Is From Below Pocket?

From Below Pocket is a puzzle game that takes you on a thrilling journey to defend a fortress from a menacing Kraken. But this isn't your ordinary puzzle game; it combines traditional gameplay with inventive features and improved controls, all of which have been shaped by valuable player input. This means you enjoy a classic gaming experience with a unique twist, making it a must-play for nostalgic gamers and newcomers alike.

What's Included in the Package?

You're not just getting a game cartridge when pre-ordering From Below Pocket. The complete package includes:

  • Game Cartridge: Your ticket to hours of gaming excitement.
  • Plastic Case: Keep your cartridge safe and sound when it's not in use.
  • Box: A collectible box that adds to the overall retro appeal.
  • Manual: Dive into the game with detailed instructions and background lore.
  • Cardboard Tray Insert: Everything is neatly organized for a true collector's experience.

Multiplayer Fun and Compatibility

From Below Pocket isn't just a solo adventure; it offers a competitive multiplayer mode for two players via a Game Link cable. Challenge your friends and see who has the skills to conquer the Kraken!

Moreover, this game is designed to be compatible with all Game Boy models, so no matter which vintage handheld you own, you can enjoy the thrill of From Below Pocket. Plus, it has an on-cartridge battery that saves your high scores and game settings, ensuring you never lose your progress.

But Wait, There's More!

If you're a fan of gaming nostalgia, you'll be delighted to know that From Below is also being re-issued on the NES console. You can pre-order it for CAD 89.99, and the package includes a cartridge, box, manual, plastic sleeve (in stylish black), and a styrofoam insert for that authentic retro feel. And if you're an arcade gaming fan, you can also find From Below for the VS.System Arcade.

In Summary

Here's a quick rundown of what makes From Below Pocket a must-have for gaming enthusiasts:

  • Classic Gameplay with a Unique Twist: Enjoy the best of both worlds - traditional gameplay with inventive features.
  • Modernized Controls: Say goodbye to clunky controls and experience smooth gaming.
  • Battle-Tested by the Pros: This game has been fine-tuned based on valuable player feedback.
  • Competitive Multiplayer Mode: Challenge your friends for hours of fun.
  • On-Cartridge Battery: Never lose your high scores and settings.

Don't miss out on this chance to own a piece of gaming history. Pre-order From Below Pocket and relive the golden age of gaming with a fresh twist. Whether you're a Game Boy or NES enthusiast, this game promises to deliver hours of pure gaming joy. Prepare to defend your fortress and outsmart the Kraken in this thrilling adventure!