Get The Funselektor Debut Demo for ‘Golden Lap’ Today

Get The Funselektor Debut Demo for ‘Golden Lap’ Today

Funselektor and co-development partner Strelka Games have released the first demo for their upcoming minimalist racing management simulator, Golden Lap, on Steam. The demo is available until June 17 as part of the Steam Next Fest digital event, offering players their first hands-on experience with the game since its announcement earlier this year.

About the Demo

In the demo, players can explore two modes:

  • Quick Race: Players can jump straight into the action by selecting a pre-built team.
  • Career Mode: Players can dive deeper into the managerial aspects with a four-race mini championship. This mode allows players to assemble a team of racing specialists, manage budgets, secure sponsorships, tune vehicles during qualifying periods, and upgrade cars between races to suit different track types.

Game Overview

Set during the golden era of open-wheel motorsport, Golden Lap combines strategic depth with minimalist design. Players take on the role of racing team managers, making critical decisions to shape their team's success.

Key Features:

  • Your Legacy Awaits: Navigate through decades of motorsport history, making pivotal decisions about drivers, support staff, car development, and sponsorships.
  • Race, Tune, Triumph: Tackle over 14 races each season, mastering strategy, car tuning, and pit stops to achieve success.
  • Climb the Ranks: Transform a struggling team into a champion or maintain a racing dynasty, leaving your mark on motorsport history.
  • Minimalist Style, Maximum Strategy: Enjoy a visually captivating interface inspired by minimalist design, focusing on strategy and growth.

Developer Background

Following the success of Funselektor's previous titles, Absolute Drift and Art of rally, which have garnered over 15 million downloads across PC, consoles, and mobile platforms, Golden Lap marks the third game by studio founder Dune Casu. It is also the first title co-developed with Italy-based Strelka Games.

Play the Demo Now

Players can download and play the Golden Lap demo on Steam until June 17. Additionally, they can watch the demo trailer and wishlist the game to stay updated on its development.

For more information and to play the demo, visit the Golden Lap page on Steam.