Game Pill Unveils Hangry! A New Snack 'n' Slash Action RPG

Game Pill Unveils Hangry! A New Snack 'n' Slash Action RPG

Game Pill, one of Canada's leading and most experienced game development studios with over 100 game credits, is thrilled to offer an early preview of their new original snack 'n' slash action RPG called Hangry.

About the Game

In this all-new adventure, players take on the role of the titular character, Hangry, embarking on an intergalactic quest to hunt down, carve up, and devour countless delicious beasts scattered across a wide assortment of exotic locales.

Key Features

  • Intergalactic Quest: Journey through various alien worlds, each filled with unique and delectable creatures to hunt.
  • Unique Combat System: Engage in thrilling battles using hunting skills and culinary techniques to carve up your prey.
  • Exotic Locales: Explore diverse environments, each with its challenges and flavorful creatures to discover and devour.
  • Character Progression: Enhance Hangry's abilities as you progress, unlocking new skills and recipes to improve your hunting and cooking prowess.

Early Preview

We are excited to offer a sneak peek at the under-cooked initial stages of Hangry, giving players a taste of what's to come in this mouth-watering adventure.

Stay tuned for more updates and information about the official release of Hangry. Get ready to embark on a culinary quest like no other!

For more information, visit Game Pill's website or follow them on social media.

HANGRY™ on Steam
Explore the galaxy. Discover new life. EAT IT. Play as Hangry, a beastly mercenary with an insatiable hunger hunting down fearsome monsters in this snack n’ slash RPG. Traverse mouthwatering hunting grounds to find ingredients for Goutra, the chief chef of an underworld diner in an alien city.

About Game Pill

Game Pill is a premier game development studio based in Canada, known for its extensive experience and innovative game design. With over 100 game credits to their name, Game Pill continues to push the boundaries of interactive entertainment, creating engaging and memorable gaming experiences for players worldwide.