Dive into the new Tidal Wave DLC with Gas Station Simulator

Attention, Gas Station Simulator enthusiasts! Brace yourselves for the much-anticipated Tidal Wave DLC– a fantastic addition to the game that's captured the hearts of over a million players. This expansion is coming to Steam in 2024, promising a thrilling adventure on a tropical island with mysteries and ample opportunities to win.

Imagine a laid-back tropical paradise tailor-made for experienced and new gas station bosses. It's not just about gas pumps; it's a journey filled with cool challenges and the chance to rake in the cash.

Now, bosses can up their game and earnings by renting out scuba gear and surfboards. Transform your gas station into a hotspot for locals and tourists alike. But beware – sharks are in the water, and players need to wield special guns to protect everyone, adding excitement to the gameplay.

Being a boss is about more than just making sales. It's about keeping everything running smoothly, ensuring nothing breaks and accidents are avoided. The money earned isn't just for show – it's the key to expanding the gas station business by making savvy changes and adding new features.

In this serene tropical haven, meet Chunchumanchu, a mighty volcano god. To maintain harmony and prevent chaos, bosses must keep customers happy and make symbolic sacrifices, thwarting Chunchumanchu's fiery disruptions.

Mark your calendars for the Gas Station Simulator - Tidal Wave DLC, hitting Steam in 2024. Stay updated by following DRAGO Entertainment on Twitter and Facebook. For all the info about the DLC, head to the Steam page and uncover the surprises that await.

And here's a treat for the fans of the game! Starting tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov. 21, Gas Station Simulator will be available at a fantastic 30% discount during the Steam Autumn Sale. The Can Touch This DLC and Air Strip DLC are available at a tempting 20% off. Take advantage of this chance to dive into the thrilling world of gas station management with some extra savings.

About DRAGO entertainment
DRAGO entertainment began operations in 1998 in Krakow, Poland. The company initially focused on creating innovative projects for international video publishers as an external contractor while strengthening internal competencies and creating a friendly and professional team to develop their own titles. Since adopting a new strategy in 2018, their goal is to deliver high-quality productions on an international level.

The studio’s flagship title is Gas Station Simulator, which released on September 15, 2021 and immediately became a best seller on Steam. DRAGO Entertainment is currently broadening their horizons with new projects and continuing to support their current titles.

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