Gauss Prime Takes the Warframe Universe by Storm

Gauss Prime Takes the Warframe Universe by Storm

In the ever-evolving universe of Warframe, anticipation peaks as the speedster Gauss Prime makes a lightning-fast entrance, bringing a stylish new look and a formidable array of enhanced abilities. As the Saint of Altra, Gauss Prime is here to reclaim the overrun Tower of Altra after an insurgency from enemy forces, showcasing unparalleled speed, power, and agility.

The Cinematic Spectacle:

Warframe enthusiasts are treated to a breathtaking cinematic trailer to catch a glimpse of the fastest frame in space, offering a blink-and-you'll-miss-it showcase of Gauss Prime's lightning velocity. The trailer promises an action-packed adventure as Gauss Prime navigates deadly minefields and eliminates enemy combatants, earning the prestigious title of the "Saint of Altra."

Crafting Gauss Prime:

Players eager to harness the power of Gauss Prime can craft it in-game by collecting the required Blueprint, Chassis, Systems, and Neuroptics through Void Fissure Missions. Additionally, Gauss Prime is available on the in-game marketplace across all platforms for a limited time, offering a convenient alternative for players looking to fast-track their Warframe experience.

Power Unleashed:

Gauss Prime's abilities redefine the battlefield. With Mach Rush, players can bowl over swarms of enemies at blistering speeds, showcasing the unmatched agility of this Prime Warframe. The ability to convert kinetic energy into either an offensive Thermal Sunder elemental blast or a defensive Kinetic Plating adds a strategic layer to the gameplay. For those seeking power, the Redline buff pushes Gauss Prime's battery core beyond its limits, enhancing overall attack, reload, and movement speeds.

Arsenal Reinforcements:

Accompanying Gauss Prime are two new Prime tech weapons— the ultra-precise Acceltra Prime Rifle and the rapid-fire Aquarius Prime dual pistols. These weapons promise to complement Gauss Prime's speed and agility, providing players with a deadly arsenal to tackle any mission.

Aesthetic Enhancements:

Gauss Prime isn't just about power; it's also about style. The marketplace bundle includes additional cosmetic items such as the eye-catching Blazargaze Helmet, the futuristic Doppline Armor adornments, an Altra Syandana back piece, and a decorative Prime Floof and Noggle Statue for the player's ship. These additions allow players to customize their Gauss Prime experience and stand out in the Warframe universe.

As Gauss Prime races into the Warframe universe, players are in for an electrifying experience filled with speed, power, and style. Whether crafting Gauss Prime through in-game missions or opting for the convenience of the marketplace, Warframe enthusiasts can now unleash the Saint of Altra and revel in the excitement of the fastest Frame in the cosmos. For more details on Warframe's Prime Access, visit