Get Ready for a Spook-tacular October in Dead by Daylight!

Get Ready for a Spook-tacular October in Dead by Daylight!

Behaviour Interactive is brewing a thrilling October for Dead by Daylight, promising an eerie array of new content and spine-chilling events just in time to send shivers down your spine this Halloween season.

Here's a sneak peek at the spine-tingling roadmap for Dead by Daylight in October:

  1. New Merch: The Halloween festivities kick off with a treat for fans—the arrival of fresh and spine-tingling merchandise. Starting this week on October 3rd, you can grab a piece of Dead by Daylight's chilling world.
  2. Tome 17: Commitment: On October 11th, the heart-pounding action continues with the release of Tome 17: Commitment. Brace yourself for a haunting experience as this tome brings forth a brand-new survivor, a killer that will send shivers down your spine, and a host of new cosmetics to terrify or tantalize your characters.
  3. Haunted by Daylight Livestream: Mark your calendars for October 13th, when Dead by Daylight will host a special 'Haunted by Daylight' livestream.
  4. In-Game Event: The Halloween excitement reaches its peak with the launch of an in-game event of the same name. Dive into the terrifying world of Dead by Daylight and embrace the spine-chilling ambiance of this special event.

But that's not all! To get a taste of the bone-chilling horrors that await, watch the teaser for 'Haunted by Daylight' below. Check out the complete roadmap on Dead by Daylight's official website for a detailed overview of the October festivities.

Get ready to embrace the darkness, summon your courage, and step into the world of Dead by Daylight this October for an unforgettable Halloween experience.