Guild Saga: Vanished Worlds Emerges in Early Access - A Pixelated Tactical RPG Adventure

Ocelot Technologies, the creative minds behind the Guild Saga universe, has just unveiled their latest masterpiece, Guild Saga: Vanished Worlds. Set to enter Early Access on Steam in early 2024; this pixel-based tactical RPG promises an immersive gaming experience that blends classic RPG elements with innovative gameplay features.

"Guild Saga: Vanished Worlds is the culmination of years of work to create an RPG that honours the classics while mixing in new and exciting elements," announced Yasser Saleem, Chief Technology Officer at Ocelot Technologies. "Players can explore an open world and find companions and loot that make every build unique. No two players will ever have the same journey through Aarde, and we hope fellow RPG fans will enjoy this highly-customizable exploration-based adventure."

Embark on an Epic Journey Through Aarde

Guild Saga: Vanished Worlds invites players to step into the fantastical realm of Aarde, where they take on the role of a newly enlisted member of the Heroes Guild. The seemingly straightforward mission to explore the uncharted continent of Andra quickly spirals into a web of intrigue, conspiracy, and battles that could shape the entire world's fate. Drawing inspiration from classics like Final Fantasy Tactics and EverQuest, the game promises a rich and dynamic open world waiting to be explored.

Features That Set Guild Saga Apart

The game distinguishes itself through a set of critical features that cater to RPG enthusiasts:

  1. Expansive Open World: Immerse yourself in the captivating landscapes of Aarde, brimming with hidden secrets and sprawling vistas.
  2. Diverse Companions: Forge meaningful bonds with a diverse cast of companions, each with unique abilities and storylines that impact gameplay.
  3. Tactical Turn-Based Combat: Engage in strategic battles demanding careful planning and execution, utilizing a variety of combat tactics and skills to overcome challenging foes.
  4. Extensive Customization: Tailor your character and companions to suit your preferred playstyle with a wide array of customizable options and over 100 skills across ten schools to build a truly unique hero.
  5. Plentiful Loot: Discover many powerful weapons, artifacts, and equipment throughout your journey, each with the potential to significantly impact your gameplay experience.
  6. Evocative Art: Guild Saga: Vanished Worlds boasts a unique pixel art style with beautifully lit scenes and thousands of customization options for player characters. The game also features an original soundtrack with over 15 tracks.

About Ocelot Technologies

Ocelot Technologies is an independent video game and software development studio based in Ontario, Canada. Their games focus on providing role-playing experiences that emphasize player agency and customization. Ocelot Technologies is the creative force behind the Guild Saga universe, including Guild Saga: Tales of Respite and the upcoming Guild Saga: Vanished Worlds. In both games, players explore the mythical world of Aarde, discovering loot and building a party of companions to assist in vibrant battles across an open world. For more information, visit

As Guild Saga: Vanished Worlds steps into the realm of Early Access, anticipation builds for the unique adventures and endless possibilities awaiting players in the pixelated landscapes of Aarde.