Satisfy Your Gaming Appetite with Hangry: A Culinary Adventure

Satisfy Your Gaming Appetite with Hangry: A Culinary Adventure
Via Venturebeat

Exciting news is on the menu as Game Pill, a leading force in Canadian game development boasting over 100 game credits, unveils its latest culinary-inspired creation: Hangry, a delectable snack 'n' slash action RPG. Get ready to sink your teeth into an intergalactic adventure like no other, starring the ravenous hero Hangry on a mission to carve up and savor a smorgasbord of delectable beasts across exotic realms.

Be among the first to sample this mouthwatering delight at The MIX during GDC in San Francisco, CA. Share your feedback in person as Hangry debuts at the GDC Expo at the Canada booth in the North Hall on Wednesday, March 20th, from 12 pm - 2 pm PT.

Hangry serves up an irresistible blend of over-the-top, fast-paced combat and stunning visuals powered by Unreal Engine. From BBQ'd woodlands to candy-coated caverns teeming with delectable monsters, each landscape promises a feast for the eyes.

President of Game Pill, Mike Sorrenti exclaims, “We’re honestly salivating at the thought of people finally getting the chance to sink their teeth into this game, puns intended... Our team has worked on dozens of licensed games over the years that we’re immensely proud of, but we can’t wait to show off more of our original IP and deliver something deep and rewarding for RPG fans, but also light-hearted and fun enough for anyone that appreciates a tasty pun.”

Prepare for a gameplay experience bursting with flavor as Hangry focuses on a delectable loop of hunting, dining, and evolving. Embark on thrilling hunts, cook delicious dishes, and watch your character grow with each meal, unlocking new weapons and upgrading stats.

Hungry for more? Visit Hangry's MIX page and official website for juicy details, dive into the press kit for savory assets, and remember to wishlist the title on Steam for delectable updates leading up to release.

About Game Pill
Game Pill is one of the most experienced and established game development studios in Canada. Based in Toronto, Ontario we’ve had the pleasure of working with dozens of clients on licensed games over the years for established IPs bringing well-loved characters and widely known brands to life. With credits on over 100 games amassing more than 10 million play sessions across over 15 years, Game Pill is full of talented and experienced developers. Game Pill's studio develops games as work for hire and co-development as well as original IP.