Hi-Fi RUSH Celebrates First Anniversary with Patch 7: New Cosmetics, Fixes, and Optimizations

Hi-Fi RUSH, the rhythm-based action game, is ringing in its first anniversary with the release of Patch 7, bringing additional tune-ups and a special treat for players: in-game souvenir tees! Dive into the celebration as the Anniversary T-Shirt Bundle introduces a fresh batch of cosmetics to elevate Chai's wardrobe. With four new shirts and a platform-exclusive bonus, Hi-Fi RUSH is ready to groove into its second year. Patch 7 addresses various fixes and optimizations alongside these exciting additions to enhance the player experience.

Anniversary T-Shirt Bundle:
Embrace the rhythm and style with the Anniversary T-Shirt Bundle, available now. This exclusive pack offers a collection of in-game souvenir tees, including four new shirts and a bonus exclusive shirt based on the platform (Xbox, Steam, or Epic Games Store) where you own Hi-Fi RUSH. Give Chai's wardrobe a vibrant makeover and celebrate the game's milestone in style.

Xbox Exclusive
Steam Exclusive
Epic Store Exclusive

Patch Notes Highlights:

  1. Expanded Controller Support: Enjoy an enhanced gaming experience with expanded controller support featuring additional icons for PC. Immerse yourself in the rhythm without missing a beat.
  2. Texture Fixes in Cutscenes: A crucial texture in a cutscene before Track 03 has been fixed, ensuring a seamless visual experience as players progress through the game.
  3. Wall of Fame Unlock Issues: Addressed an issue where achievements like "No Door Unturned Lvl. 3" and "Challenge S-Ranker Lvl. 3" on the Wall of Fame were not being unlocked. Now, players can showcase their accomplishments with pride.
  4. Rhythm Parry Adjustments: Fixed issues with the Directional Parry triggering during rhythm parries in the Rhythm Tower, ensuring precision and accuracy in gameplay.
  5. Korsica Battle Loading Bug: Resolved an issue with loading auto-save data during the Korsica battle in Track 07, preventing incorrect "Damage Received" results in the final outcome.
  6. Final Boss Phase Transition Fix: Fixed a bug in Track 12 where the Rhythm Parry during the phase transition of the Final Boss was not proceeding correctly, even when successfully executed.
  7. Visual Effects Correction: Addressed issues with screen effects displaying incorrectly during game over in BPM Rush and Power Up! Tower Up! modes, providing a smoother visual experience.
  8. Arcade Machine and Jukebox Synergy: Repaired the arcade machine and jukebox to improve synergy, allowing them to play songs correctly when interacting in the Hideout.
  9. UI Improvements on PC: Fixed an issue where some UI button icons were covered by text, ensuring a clean and seamless user interface.

As Hi-Fi RUSH marks its first anniversary, Patch 7 brings a perfect blend of style and substance with the Anniversary T-Shirt Bundle and a series of fixes and optimizations. Join the celebration, update your game, and get ready to immerse yourself in the rhythmic world of Hi-Fi RUSH. Here's to another year of beat-driven action and memorable tunes!