Journey to Foundation: A VR Sci-Fi Adventure Based on Isaac Asimov's Foundation Cycle

Journey to Foundation: A VR Sci-Fi Adventure Based on Isaac Asimov's Foundation Cycle

Immerse yourself in Isaac Asimov's Foundation Cycle with "Journey to Foundation," a new virtual reality game by Archiact. This epic sci-fi adventure is available for $53.49 on PlayStation VR2 and $45.99 Meta Quest 2.

Set in the captivating universe of Isaac Asimov's bestselling book series Foundation Cycle, "Journey to Foundation" was meticulously designed for VR. In this immersive experience, you hold the fate of humanity in your hands. Will you stand with the Galactic Empire or embrace the enigmatic Foundation's promising future?

Assume the role of Agent Ward, a spy working for the Public Safety Commission. What begins as a routine investigation of deserters soon escalates into a high-stakes battle for control over humanity.

Fight passionately to preserve a declining Empire or align with the Foundation to help rebuild what appears to be lost. The choice is yours.

Key Features:

  • Your Choices Matter: Your decisions in this sci-fi narrative adventure shape your journey and the story.
  • Dynamic Conversations: Engage in innovative VR conversations to build deep connections with other characters.
  • Harness Psychic Powers: Develop your mental abilities to uncover and influence the emotions of fellow characters.
  • Armed for Action: Equip yourself with the Empire's finest weapons and various tools, then decide how to use them.
  • Varied Gameplay: Daily life in the cosmos involves disguise, hacking, and combat. Adapt your approach to each situation and chart your unique path through this rich and intricate universe.

"Journey to Foundation" is set to launch at the end of November on PICO 4. Follow "Journey to Foundation" on TwitterDiscord, and Instagram for exclusive behind-the-scenes content and mission updates.

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