Prepare for an Epic VR Adventure: "Journey to Foundation" Hits VR on Oct. 26

Prepare for an Epic VR Adventure: "Journey to Foundation" Hits VR on Oct. 26

Choose your cosmic destiny this October!

Get ready to dive into a universe like no other, because Archiact, the VR wizards behind DOOM 3: VR Edition and MARVEL: Dimension of Heroes, are dropping their latest masterpiece, "Journey to Foundation", exclusively for VR. Based on the best-selling Foundation book series by Isaac Asimov, players can look forward to plunging into this epic universe.

Isaac Asimov's Foundation, a literary gem from 1951, has taken the world by storm, with 20 million copies sold worldwide and fans in every corner of the galaxy. It's even bagged the Hugo Award for "Best All-time Novel Series" in 1966.

In "Journey to Foundation", you become Agent Ward, a spy with a mission at the edge of the Galactic Empire. Your task? Infiltrate a group of deserters, make life-changing decisions, and form bonds with unforgettable characters. The fate of the cosmos hangs in the balance, and the choices are yours to make.

The Universe Awaits:

  • Immerse yourself in Asimov's groundbreaking universe through interactive VR.
  • Shape the narrative in this sci-fi adventure where your choices hold serious sway.
  • Dive into the world of "Mentalics," using mind science to sway others' emotions – your life might depend on it!
  • Armed with top-notch gear, you'll navigate the stars, but how you use it is up to you.
  • Engage in dynamic conversations, connecting with characters on a whole new level, thanks to an innovative conversation system.
  • Forge your own path through the galaxy – disguise, hack, blast your way to victory. The choice is yours!

Ready to embark on this cosmic adventure? Wishlist the game now on PlayStation VR2 and Meta Quest 2.

Stay tuned with "Journey to Foundation" on Twitter, and hop into their Discord for exclusive behind-the-scenes content and direct chats with the devs. This is one journey you won't want to miss.

About Archiact VR
Archiact is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, where our expert team has been crafting unforgettable virtual and augmented reality experiences since 2013. We have released over thirty game titles across all leading VR/AR platforms, including DOOM 3: VR Edition, MARVEL Dimension of Heroes, and the award-winning FREEDIVER: Triton Down.