Kien, a Lost Gem from the Early 2000s, Finally Gets a Physical Release on Game Boy Advance

Retro publisher Incube8 Games and indie development studio AgeOfGames have announced the upcoming release of Kien for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. This will mark the game's physical cartridge debut after more than two decades since its original development in the early 2000s. The game is set to be released in early Q2 this year, fulfilling the 22-year wait for fans.

Kien invites players to "Discover the Secret of Kien" in a world where chaos has corrupted the once-wise rulers, the 7 Masters of the Absolute, who have vanished. Mystical warriors have been slaughtered, and the temples are bathed in blood. The fate of Malkut, the planet where this unfolds, now rests on the shoulders of two young apprentices destined to fight evil, reveal the truth, and unlock Kien's secret.

Described as an enthralling action platformer with RPG elements, Kien offers 23 intricate and demanding levels set in a captivating fantasy world. The gameplay is relentless, throwing players into frenetic action against many adversaries. The game's distinctive non-linear structure allows players the freedom to explore Kien's expansive world as they choose, making each playthrough a unique and captivating adventure.

After 22 years of anticipation, Kien's physical release on the Game Boy Advance will delight fans of retro gaming and enthusiasts of classic RPGs.

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