Leafs Gaming League Crowns Champion at NHL All-Star Weekend

Leafs Gaming League Crowns Champion at NHL All-Star Weekend

In a thrilling culmination during the NHL All-Star weekend, the Leafs Gaming League hosted its in-person grand finals at the Red Bull Gaming Studio with fantastic production by Overactive Media. The event, boasting a substantial prize pool of $2500, attracted a formidable roster of participants, with 301 players registering for the competition—comprising 108 on PS5 and 193 on Xbox.

A testament to the league's popularity, 227 players engaged in at least one game, resulting in a total of 845 games played. The average of 107 games per hour underscored the intensity and competitiveness of the tournament.

The final four competitors, a blend of local talents and those flown in took center stage, showcasing their exceptional skills in a captivating display of NHL 24 greatness. Among the notable contenders were players like Deeks, Blouin, Geimer, and Regs, each contributing to the tournament's excitement and competitiveness.

Beyond the glory of winning the Leafs Gaming League championship, an additional prize was at stake. The ultimate winner earned the title of the Maple Leafs representative at the prestigious NHL 24 World Championships set to take place in Las Vegas on April 7th. This global championship, featuring the crème de la crème of EA SPORTS NHL 24 players worldwide, offers an enticing prize pool of $150,000.

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The high-stakes finals, commentated by Nicco Cardarelli and Cameron Halbert, witnessed an intense showdown between Blouin and Geimer. In a climactic finale, the final game extended into overtime, with both players locked in a 2-2 tie. With 8:19 left in the first overtime, Geimer emerged victorious, securing the esteemed title of Leafs Gaming League Champion.

We look forward to witnessing more exceptional tournaments under the leadership of organizations like MLSE. Congratulations again to Geimer for this remarkable achievement, showcasing the thriving esports community within the Leafs Gaming League. Best of luck in Vegas!

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