The Legacy & Rivals Update Has Arrived!

The Legacy & Rivals Update Has Arrived!

Archmage Rises revolves around a single life, posing the question: "How will one choose to live it?" At Defiance, the team has a passion for open-world sandbox games but also values clear progress toward a goal, a void filled by the new Legacy & Rivals update.

A "mini update" is an unexpected but substantial addition that wasn't initially on their development roadmap. Many features introduced in the Legacy & Rivals mini update were originally planned for a much later stage in their development but have been accelerated to enhance your gaming experience.

What's New in Legacy & Rivals:

New Major Quest: Mabren's
Tower Experience an exhilarating race against a rival in Mabren's Tower, showcasing enhanced quest technology.

Legacy: The Singular Stat
They've consolidated diverse player and world data into a single stat that can be easily compared against rivals and historical mages in the game world.

New Stats: Renown, Wealth, and Power
The game now displays Renown, Wealth, and Power as core stats. Legacy is derived from your performance in these three paths, each with varying weight. You can choose to pursue all three or focus on one, allowing you to tailor your experience.

New Ways to Enhance Legacy
Directly boost your Legacy with new items and actions, including purchasing property for a Mage Tower, displaying rare items in your mage tower, clearing out monster lairs, and eradicating monster races.

Renown signifies your popularity and respect in the world and is influenced by the new Town stat, Esteem. Esteem measures citizens' thoughts toward you.

Wealth comprises Prestige, the visible wealth, and Net Worth, which increases as you save or invest in the world.

Power reflects your expertise in life, magic, and manipulating universal forces. Spell School XP and skill points contribute to your Power stat.

These NPCs compete with you for Renown, Wealth, and Power. Initially introduced with basic features, they will be expanded upon in the future.

Rivals are simulated in the background, and you'll receive monthly updates on their progress. You can also check your rivals' information on the character sheet tab. Additional methods for more frequent updates will be added in future updates.

You can encounter and interact with your Rivals in the game, though they cannot be killed at this time.

Greatest of All Time
Vaelun boasts historically significant mages from different eras. A list of the top 20 famous (or infamous) mages has been compiled, allowing you to compare your progress. Future updates will include the opportunity to collect their unique artifacts.

A new tab on the character sheet displays the mages' rankings and your standing among them.

About Archmage Rises
Born into a procedurally generated world and armed with ancient, primal magic, you will create your own story and experience real consequences from the decisions you make. Experience the freedom normally only found in a tabletop RPG in video game format as you live your life as humbly or as profoundly as you desire: will you be satisfied with the simple life of a miner or trader, etch out a living as a thief, or rise to become the greatest mage of all time? Will you choose to become the world's savior... or it's destroyer? The choice is yours.

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