Lucid Dream Studio Receives Ubisoft Support for BIOMORPH Development

Canadian indie game developer Lucid Dream Studio has recently announced a significant milestone in their journey with the support of Ubisoft through Ubisoft RADAR and the Ubisoft Indie Series. This backing is a testament to the talent and diversity within the Lucid Dream team. It will aid in the final stages of development for their upcoming dark metroidvania game, BIOMORPH, set to launch on April 5th.

Ubisoft RADAR is an investment fund supporting independent game developers in Quebec. Lucid Dream Studio has been selected to receive end-of-development financing through RADAR, which will help them complete BIOMORPH. This marks the second consecutive year that Ubisoft has recognized Lucid Dream, having previously won the National Bank special prize during the Ubisoft Indie Series 2023.

"Three years in, and I’m still impressed by the creativity of [BIOMORPH], both visually and technically. What makes me even happier is seeing applications with a structured business strategy, a realistic financial plan, and a concern for human resources. Lucid Dreams had all of this, and the gender parity at the studio won us over." - Dominique Champagne, National Bank.

BIOMORPH offers a unique gameplay experience where players can absorb the powers of defeated enemies, allowing them to evolve and unlock new abilities for combat and exploration. The game features captivating hand-drawn visuals and a challenging AI system that adapts based on the player's actions, creating a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience.

Key Features of BIOMORPH include:

  • Become Your Enemy: Play as the enemies by killing and taking their shape. Use their skills to fight other enemies or navigate uncharted territories.
  • They Learn Your Ways: The AI system learns from previously mimicked creatures, unlocking new powers and creating a unique experience each time.
  • Choose Your Weapons: Use an arsenal of melee and ranged weapons with upgradeable trees to defeat enemies.
  • Explore a Vast World: Explore a vast, non-linear, interconnected world with 16 different environments, optional boss fights, and many secrets.
  • City Customization: Rebuild the city of Blightmoor, befriend townspeople, and customize the city's look for a unique experience.

BIOMORPH is set to launch on PC on April 5th. Players can wishlist the game on Steam

BIOMORPH is a dark metroidvania game where you become the creatures that you kill! Solve ingenious puzzles and navigate a stunning hand-drawn world. Meet quirky characters, rebuild a city, and uncover the secrets of a sprawling, fallen civilization… and of your own mysterious origins.