Madzik: A Nostalgic '80s Adventure Begins Today on Steam

Today marks the thrilling release of Madzik, a narrative-driven cooperative hack-and-slash adventure that immerses players in a nostalgic '80s vibe. Madzik - Episode 1 is now available exclusively on Steam, ready to transport players to the enchanting world of Zikverländ.

Watch the Trailer Here

Discover the Rich Story of Madzik

For ages, Zikverländ thrived under the benevolent rule of Zik, the Sun God. However, Ahnglum, the Turncoat Mage, driven by an insatiable hunger for power, tore open ancient Portals, unleashing alien Moons and vile creatures upon the land. With these invaders came the Nightfalls, a maddening plague that drove many to insanity and caused horrifying mutations during unpredictable eclipses.

In this dire hour, heroes are called to stop the Nightfalls, defeat Ahnglum, and banish the demon god he worships. An epic quest begins to restore sanity and freedom to this once-idyllic land. As part of a serialized release, Madzik - Episode 1 introduces players to the world of Zikverländ, with many more tales promised in future episodes.

Unleash the Power of the Moon Madness

Madzik immerses players in the heart of Zikverländ, a world profoundly influenced by the mysterious Moons. The Moon Madness system dynamically alters gameplay, affecting everything from the flow of magic to the transformations of creatures and landscapes. This innovative feature ensures a fresh and unpredictable experience with each playthrough, keeping players engaged and on their toes.

Meet Your Heroes

The game features two distinct heroes, Makino and Veroline, each bringing unique abilities to enhance the cooperative gameplay experience. Whether you’re bashing through enemies with Makino’s enchanted Warhammer or casting devastating spells with Veroline, every battle will test your teamwork and ferocity as you strive to overcome the darkness corrupting Zikverländ.

Join the Battle

Champions of Zikverländ, the time has come to answer the call and end the Nightfalls! Madzik - Episode 1 launches today on Steam for $6.99 USD, including a 30% launch discount. Embark on this epic journey and become the hero Zikverländ desperately needs.

Explore the world of Madzik today and experience a nostalgic '80s adventure like never before!